Monday, March 7, 2022

Ramen Setagaya's St. Mark's Place location looking very closed

Photos by Steven

The St. Mark's Place branch of the Japanese chain Ramen Setagaya has apparently closed.

The space has been empty for several weeks... 
This branch at 34 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue is no longer posted on the website... and Google lists them as permanently closed...
The affordable ramen spot got its East Village start in 2007 around the corner on Second Avenue before relocating here. 

This closure comes after the arrival of a for-rent sign on the space earlier this year...


  1. Definitely has that closed look.

  2. This was my go-to place for noodles but I went once and they wanted me to Qcode the menu and I didn't have a phone on me and they were unable to provide a real menu so I had to go somewhere else. When your obsession with technology costs you actual customers it is time to go out of business.

    Like Davie's ice cream. They couldn't pack 2 flavors in a pint because their technology disguised as an inventory system came before their actual customers. So I went elsewhere to a real ice cream parlor where they were happy to pack 2 flavors in my pint.

  3. Loved Setagaya! One of my go to places!! Ugh.

  4. looking at this place made me miss "Freaks".


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