Friday, August 26, 2022

People keep stealing catalytic converters

Top photo from 6th Street

Catalytic converters remain a hot property. (Background)

This appeared on the Citizen app this morning ... two men stole one (allegedly!) from a vehicle on the south end of Avenue B, prompting a police search of the area ...

Meanhile, the 9th Precinct tweeted this back on Saturday morning...


  1. Great work - more late night / early morning patrols

  2. I wonder if this was the same BMW that crashed into a car and killed the driver yesterday across from Yankee Stadium?

    1. That came to my mind too, but those criminals have turned themselves in today.

  3. They are working to make it a federal crime. Each catalytic converter contains 900 dollars worth of platinum (but you gotta use toxic dangerous acids to remove)

  4. And Bragg will let the perp go free

  5. Happens in much of the country. Know they have been stealing these in LA too. You can place an alarm on the underside of your vehicle to deter the theft.

  6. You could probably make some fun recycled art out of these!

  7. Apparently stealing in NYC is no longer considered a crime.

  8. @1:48

    Funny you say that because at that very same spot on Ave B (if memory serves) in the 1980s was a collective of sculptors who fabricated installations, sculptures, and furniture from junk and scrap metal they they found on the LES. Linus Coraggio was the most well known of that crew.

  9. @ 7:37,
    Gas Station! I remember that. Now, a very nondescript apartment complex stands in it's place.

    I was awakened at the wee hours one morning to what I thought were the sounds of a sawz-al cutting up a catalytic converter from a car next door. There was a black car double parked next to it and some dude standing watch while the other was under the subject car. I called the cops but the guys were gone in a flash.

    Reminds me of the professional car stripper gangs of the 70's and 80's who could strip a car and leave it on milk crates in 15 minutes.

  10. Linus Coraggio here,I find it funny nd endearing to have my old studio of 9 years(the '' the gas station'' aka ''space 2B'') mentioned in conjunction with a EV Greive piece about stolen catalytic converters.
    Maybe I need to weld a sculpture using one.


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