Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Shinzo Omakase set to debut on 2nd Street

Shinzo Omakase seemingy appeared out of nowhere at 89 Second St. just east of First Avenue...
A Google listing for the space states a soft opening tomorrow (Aug. 18) ... with a 20%-off deal for the first week. 

We haven't spotted a website or social media for the restaurant just yet. 

There was also some debate in the EVG newsroom about the use of comic sans on the door signage...
We can't recall the last tenant here... Guaco Taco in 2017?


  1. I see they already gave themselves a rave review on Google ... 😆

  2. I live around the area. This place is actually pretty good for its price. The sushi is good. Salmon and foie gras is so good also the otoro with caviar

  3. I walk by this store everyday on my way to work. Saw they started renovating this place in July. Decided to try it yesterday, it’s not the best omakase I’ve had, but it’s the best for its price.

  4. Very clean design with a great vibes. Start off normal and get better with every pcs. Worth trying for $69.00 for 13 pcs ($5.30) it’s a steal

  5. The chef was rather busy because he was creating sushi for 7 people while I was there on August 24. Great dining experience. Love the atmosphere, and they let us finish our bottles of wine without pressuring us. Fantastic location compared to other omakase where you are ejected after the allotted time.

  6. I just walk around the neighborhood and this spot pop out of nowhere. Made a reservation on Resy. 13pcs cost $69, what a steal. I ordered some Hokkaido Uni($14.00) and a Hand Roll ($12.00). Not bad at all. Staffs are insanely attentive, fills water and pours wine.


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