Friday, September 23, 2022

The [plant-baked] retail space is closing on 7th Street this Sunday

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy

After nearly 18 months at 117 E. Seventh St., [plant-baked] is closing its brick-and-mortar operation between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Sunday is the last day here for Parker and Yunsu, East Village residents who are partners in business and life. They started selling their creative baked goods from a to-go set-up in the spring of 2021.
The two started the bakery business during the pandemic. (Read our interview with them at this link for the backstory.)

They were able to break the lease at the small shop to focus on pop-up events and seasonal markets while also continuing to take bulk orders from another local location. Parker and Yunsu said they will also use this time to decide how they want to focus their energies next.

On Sunday, they'll make a final sale on their frozen cookie dough and other storable products... so scoop 'em up...  
The shop is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (or when they run out of items) today and tomorrow with a 3 p.m. close on Sunday... 
You can keep in touch with Parker and Yunsu via email: getbaked [at] There's Instagram too.

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  2. So sad, their baked goods are delicious! I'm glad they are making this decision of their own accord and that they will be around in some capacity, but I'll miss being able to drop by the shop.

  3. I love this place. Such amazing people and delicious offerings. Very sad news!!!

  4. I was bummed to see their sign this week, at least I got one more pain chocolate. best of luck.

  5. Two nicer people one does not often meet. It sounds like they are making smart moves and still taking care of their loyal customers. Wishing them all the luck in the world. Best,JG

  6. Best of luck to these two. They will prosper to bigger and better things. Loved their products.

  7. Aww loved this place! Wishing Parker and Yunsu the best with what’s next!


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