Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Health scare: IG-Fit closes on 14th Street

So much for making your 2023 fitness goals any easier. 

The IG-Fit Health Club closed at the end of 2022 at 244 E. 14th St. near Second Avenue.

A sign on the door for IG-Fit members states that the gym lost its leases after a "protracted litigation with our landlord originating from COVID-mandated closure." (There isn't any mention of the closure on the gym's website or Instagram account.)
In a sliver of a silver lining, management apparently struck a deal with GYM NYC at 155 E. Third St. just east of Avenue A for IG-Fit members to "immediately continue your fitness routine." 

And "for those who work or live further north, we also made arrangements with Synergy Fitness" at 1781 Second Ave., which is pretty far north of here at 96th Street.


  1. They took my money and fled. There is no deal with the other gym :/

  2. They did this to me too, as well as many other former members. I’m looking to put together a case to get refunded.

    1. I'd like to help. I have the contact info of the owners

  3. anyone has had success receiving an answer by email or phone from IGFit? or even getting their membership fee back?

  4. Patrick can you share the contact information for the owners? Thanks.


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