Monday, July 17, 2023

Openings: Tacombi on 12th Street

Tacombi debuted at 139 E. 12th St. at Third Avenue (NW corner) last week. 

This is the 17th outpost for the brand, though the first counter-service-only location for the brand. 

A few details via a Tacombi rep: 
The menu, from Master Chef Carmen Miranda ... consists of five tacos: Tacos al Pastor, thin slices of marinated and Mexico City-style spit-roasted pork topped with pineapple; Tacos de Suadero, traditional slow-braised beef tacos from Mexico City named after the cut of meat; Tacos de Ribeye, with cilantro, onions, salsa ranchera and lime; Tacos de Longaniza, ground pork seasoned with garlic, dried chiles, achiote, cumin and clove, cooked with the meat of the suadero; and Tacos de Milanesa, a twist on a Mexican staple, this plant-based version is made with a blend of spices, flaxseed, and roasted mushrooms, that are breaded and lightly fried. 
The East Village location is a departure from Tacombi’s typical dine-in format and will offer a communal standing table for guests on the go ... guests will order when they walk in and then watch the Master Taqueros ... prepare their food.
The taqueria is open for breakfast tacos and coffee from 8 to 10:45 a.m. and lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

As previously noted, Tacombi takes over the space from iSouvlaki, which closed last summer after a two-year run.


  1. The layout is cool and it brings a nice bit of design and volume to that part of 3rd.

    Stopped in and had a taco. It was... very dry.

    1. Yes… Al pastor was not great.
      Suadero was good though and more tender/moist.
      Probably will not go back.

    2. Tacombi’s quality has gone so far downhill. I miss the days of the two mini tacos on homemade tortillas and their homemade sauces.

  2. Tacombi is part of Shake Shack empire.
    “Cool” Corporatism

  3. Still haven't found the taco that beats Paquitos

  4. Agree. Paquitos veg.taco is great. Also, love the breakfast burrito with rice and beans--add sliced avocado...well you got it!!!

  5. Breakfast tacos are back!! Only good thing at tacombi - that and the hot sauce


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