Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glitter Gulp continues prepping for grand opening Thursday or Friday, the 26th or the 27th


And: An update from Eater. An Eater reader responds: "I wouldn't quibble with 'dingy,' and would point out that's part of the allure of a dive called 'Superdive.' Nor would I leap to the conclusion that the yet-to-open bar is a 'con job.'...Without question, the vibe is raw and anything goes, and in prissy, high touch, please-call-for-a-reservation Manhattan, that nuttiness was more than welcome for stressed out us. Their approach to serving drinks is certainly novel, i.e. a D.I.Y. bar and keg, but then people thought D.I.Y. checkout looked strange at Home Depot too."


  1. Who got paid off to approve this place for a liquor license?

  2. I just want to know how this concept was pitched...

    "Well, aside from letting patrons mix their own drinks behind the bar, we will have tableside keg service. We'll just roll it right up to them. Oh, there's no door policy — we'll let anyone in. It's total lawlessness in bar form! One last thing, women should feel safe here around so many men drinking from kegs and mixing their own drinks. We have protected seats for the ladies called 'the fuck off seats.' Not sure what happens when it comes time to use the restrooms. We'll worry about that later!"


  3. yeah, good call. the idea doesn't exactly scream SLA approval.

  4. EV Grieve, why are you giving this so much press?

  5. To bring attention to a place that will let people pour their own drinks and order kegs... a place (reportedly without a door policy) that management finds it necessary to sequester women in a safety zone... And at 4 a.m. (or whenever) you send everyone on their merry way on Avenue A.

    I've considered that all this is a big hoax, that the UrbanDaddy piece was planted for some pre-opening buzz... and that I'm playing right into it. And Superdive will just be another bar. We'll see.

    And I still want to know how/why the neighborhood watchdogs at CB3/SLA approved this concept.

  6. I love how 11B, the Italian restaurant/pizza joint, can't get a beer and wine license after two years of trying, but this place gets a liquor license. I feel bad for the old people who live in that building and the one next door. There are some old timers who have been there for years. They don't deserve this crap.


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