Friday, December 7, 2012

'All uses considered' for former Mars Bar space at Jupiter 21

The retail listing — with fresh renderings — is now live for 21 Jupiter, the luxury building that took the place of 9-17 Second Ave. ... and, among other things, the former home of the Mars Bar.

Some details per the RKF listing:

Ground Floor 1,400 SF
Lower Level 3,056 SF
Storage Space 1,252 SF

Second Quarter 2013

20 years


Formerly “Mars Bar” location
All uses considered
New construction with premises being prepared for restaurant use
Located at the base of a luxury rental building
Existing 4am Liquor License in place

Any idea why Mars Bar is randomly in quotes? Oh, and does this mean Hank isn't reopening the bar here? (No snickering!)

And what happened to the BP station and other buildings?



  1. Part of the new development promise was that Mars Bar would absolutely return. So, if it doesn't, or if it is not replaced by a similar venue (a wine bar that costs $13 a glass doesn't count), then people should raise a huge stink about it. Ultimately you can't do much, they didn't really have to ask for government support in building it (zoning variances, tax-free bonds, etc.), but the neighborhood shouldn't allow a set precedent of broken development promises

  2. I don't recall hearing we were promised a new Mars Bar in this development...

    I think the removal of the BP station in the renderings is just to show more of the frontage without any obstruction, but I can't help but feel that the station just isn't fancy enough for these people too.

  3. THE NOTORIOUS L.I.B.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.December 7, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    They forgot to include 'Eternally vacant Avalon retail space directly across the street' in the Neighboring Tenants section.

  4. I also remember hearing Mars would be back once the building was up. I always fantasize about it when I pass that corner; WTF?!

  5. They should have gotten the promise in writing. err.. I mean.. a contract perhaps?

  6. Mars, Jupiter - meanwhile, the building looks about as attractive as Uranus.

  7. Just a guess, but I would imagine a nicely sized check has been submitted to Mars Bar and they will be declining to reopen.

  8. It's in quotes because it is written in proper English.

  9. My best Mars Bar memory is trashing an Easter cake at the bar with Goggla and Ed. And of course the pre-Chillmaster beers at Mars before the dance parties. Great memories!

  10. If people in the hood would just hang one real estate developer it would send a very positive message to the others. Because it's the holiday season Xmas tree lights could be used as well.

  11. If anyone is kidding themselves into thinking the mars bar is reopening here I think you will be experiencing a lot of heartache when we find out what's going to open here. I'm guessing a Guy Fieri or equally douchey chefs restaurant to match the heinous eyesore they are building.

  12. @ John Penley- Will those be the clear or the multi-colored lights?

  13. they ABSOLUTELY promised a space for Mars Bar. and we knew it was a bullshit promise at the time, but a stink should be raised anyway.

    unless the bar itself is saying to hell with it. which might be the case.

    and thus we will get another high-priced boutique and a celebu-chef wine bar chain.

  14. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about architecture but the new building is BUTT ugly.

  15. I was sure it was promised that Mars Bar be able to return. No matter, as the original can never be duplicated. Why not just pay homage to it and turn this space into a public restroom?

  16. +1 to the chorus that thought the Mars Bar was coming "back." Because you can't just kick a current lease holding tenant out without an agreement, right? Is Hank taking the money and running?

    This project is bugging me. It was supposed to be this good thing, right? That existing tenants got to purchase their brand new apartments for almost nothing, and the Mars Bar would come back instead of be dead. One is clearly better than the other.

    We know it wouldn't be the same, but if you just open it with white walls like before it would be "lived in" soon enough, right?

    Give a pen to Penley, it wouldn't take long!


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