Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1st sign of 2 new floors to come on 3rd Avenue and 10th Street

The conversion from SVA dorm to upscale rentals continues at the northeast corner of Third Avenue and 10th Street.

The beams have arrived for the two new floors in the works.

Cutting and pasting from The Real Deal last November ... "Slate – a Midtown-based development firm – and RWN Real Estate Partners want to reposition the building as a high-end rental property. The group was apparently able to obtain the 8,000 square feet in unused air rights to add the new floors above the existing structure."

The building will house 41 units with an "outdoor tenant recreation area" on the second floor, per DOB documents.

SVA students moved out after the spring 2014 term .. with the students now using a newish residence on East 24th Street at First Avenue.

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  1. I always thought that building was too short…

  2. Herve Leger has instructed the building to wear a black bandage dress once it gets taller. And Choo stilts.

  3. Please. The builders KNEW this would be a luxury building from the get go, never a dorm. Shady dealings.

  4. And P.S., converting a dorm to luxury. You know how shitty the dorm construction is. It'll be full of 21-year olds, living 4 to an apt, with rent-paying parents, paying exorbitant rents, listening to each other bro-out, puke or fuck...and then they're back to California, or wherever. Who cares? Gross all round.

  5. Oh Andy, get real. You know you would give anything to live across the street from The Pour House bar!! Think of those poor people who are living in the recently renovated building next door--some of them will be losing their unobstructed views. The conversions go in reverse, don't they? Isn't there an NYU dorm at Third Avenue and 23 Street (north west corner) that was built as a luxury building (you name the top of the line counter material, Brazilian wood floors, etc. etc.) and then bought by NYU?


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