Monday, August 24, 2015

St. Mark's Place down a tree

Also today, workers removed a tree on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Man… right by The Sock Man…

Apparently it was a sickly tree … and hollowed out about 4-5 feet…

Word along here was that rats (a den? herd? pack? flock?) were living inside the deadish tree.

And how Google Street View remembers the tree…

Thanks to EVG correspondent Steven for the photos and investigative reporting...


  1. Clearly it was a Flock of rats.

  2. "City baby attacked by Flock of rats."

  3. With rats the collective nouns include "pack," "colony" and my favorite, "plague." A plague of rats. Nice.

  4. I hope they plant another tree there. NYC needs to be re-forested.

  5. If only Mayor Mike's 1 Million Trees program had paid attention to planting low-allergen trees! People have more allergies than ever. Sniff...

  6. These trees all lean. They're a weird variety.

  7. It must have been a rat-tree-archy.

    Sometimes they take awhile to percolate :+)

  8. Great... another of the few trees gone from my block. we had some of the most beautiful lush, tall trees that would bloom beautiful white flowers on St Marks all through the 70-80s and into the early 90s.. but over the past 10-15 years they've all been downed and replaced with piddly shit sapling that don't even flower, or don't make it through one year of the scabby vagrant kids pissing and leaning on them (FUCK ALL OF THOSE KIDS)


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