Monday, August 24, 2015

Today in cow tipping posts

Last evening, very special EVG correspondent Christine Champagne noticed that the decorative fiberglass cow that resides on East 12th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue was tipped over.

For starters, the cow doesn't look like it could just fall over on its own. Did someone purposely tip it over? And who tips over cows? (Actually, DON'T answer that.)

And given that the cow is in a protected area, it would appear that this could have been an inside job.

While we speculate, we can report that someone has righted the cow today...

This cow was part of the CowParade around the city back in 2000.


  1. Well, it was definitely and inside-job - *inside* that fence that is!

  2. Some tipsy bro tryin' to impress his ho. How fun!

  3. Maybe the tipster did it?

  4. Some jackasses topple over the rather large planters in front of our building several times per year. Just so you are all warned, I am planting poison ivy in there this fall.

  5. Unfortunately, the cow (Brett) is prey to drunken 'tippers' during the wee hours after neighborhood bar closings. There have also been instances where this same population have attempted to ride and even abduct the cow by hauling him over the fence.
    Calling the police to report cow tipping or cow abduction has not yielded any police protection to date.

  6. That is the new cornhole! And EV is the new Wisconsin!

  7. smdh.. apparently the Mid Western yokel who thinks it's "rebellious" to tip over a piece of art is the NEW East Village resident. FUCK ALL OF THESE OBNOXIOUS NEW PEOPLE


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