Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Condos at Ben Shaoul's 98-100 Avenue A will start at $1.3 million; high-end gym eyed for retail space

[EVG photo of 98-100 Avenue A from yesterday]

Turns out that Ben Shaoul's incoming residential building on Avenue A will house condos and not rentals as previously thought.

According to The Real Deal, one-bedroom units will start at just under $1.3 million while penthouses will go for $2.3 million. Per broker Ryan Serhant, prices will range from the high $1,000s per square foot to north of $2,000 per square foot.

Amenities for the 33-unit (we originally heard 29 units) building will include a — ding! ding! — roof deck as well as some private outdoor spaces for several of the residences here between East Seventh Street and East Sixth Street.

Meanwhile, The Real Deal also hears that the ground-floor retail space will house a high-end gym. Equinox already reportedly inked a deal to lease two floors of Shaoul's incoming development on East Houston and Orchard. So maybe look for a high-end gym other than Equinox for the space that last housed East Village Farms. (And this might just finally dash those hopes for a Trader Joe's.)

The residences here are expected to be ready by the late spring or early summer of 2074 2016.

Updated 6:22 p.m.

An EVG reader shared a view from behind the building...

Per the reader: "Here is the backside of the construction. No idea why they left that large area open. Gads."

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  1. How many gyms does this neighborhood need? Maybe at least all the runners around the park will go inside at last.

  2. So sad they destroyed the theater to build this

    another condo :(

  3. I am thinking of buying two adjacent units and knocking out the walls between them.

  4. Ryan Servant, Bravo-lebrity. This goes from bad to worse.

  5. Just think of all the super fit and rich bros who will be living and manning the area. Our world, mainly this city is all about looks and money.

  6. Oh lord. I live catty corner to this building, and I already realized that it's going to block the view from my roof of the Empire State Building and the skyline. But now there are going to be drunk bros on that roof? And a fancy gym on the ground floor? The news gets worse and worse.

  7. When does the angry space wasp get painted on it???

  8. Hell's portal will soon be open and a civilized, cultured East Village will be gone forever.

  9. This makes me fucking sick. Seeing it go up is making me sick. The bro douches, I hope they rot in fucking hell or get the fuck out, and I can't wait for this bubble to burst. Watch out for buckets of water if they do any bro chants in the backyard!

  10. Spandex is sooooo in these days. I'm in shock... never in my life did I think douchebags running would push me and my dogs, along with a mom and 2 kids to the curb. The physical reality of entitlement hit me, literally one day on Ave B. People throughout the city DON'T run on the sidewalk, just like they don't ride a bike on the sidewalk... you aren't the only person here!

  11. Well, one thing we knew from the start was that Trader Joe's was never going to be able to afford the rent. Maybe there will be another "Juice Press" on the ground floor here.

  12. It's harsh to say, but the focus on the late Adam Purple today makes Shaoul look like even more of a parasite on the neighborhood.

  13. Gotta love the bros....

    I did hear from the grapevine that Whole Foods might buy space there.....

  14. Hmmmm, just out curiosity, what what would y'all rather have in this space:

    A- Old, empty, abandoned theatre that takes up space with a large, mediocre-at-best deli with homeless people outside asking you for something every time you walk by

    B- A hotel

    C- A new condo /apartment building for the rich who can afford it.

    D- same as C, but only used for Airbnb rentals.

    E- It doesn't matter, I'll complain about what was there, I'll complain about the space that is being constructed on and then complain on whatever and/or whomever moves to new place

  15. Those prices are worth it, considering all of the "edge" and "flavor" that the monied transients will get to enjoy in what's left of the neighborhood. Right????

    Watch those scumbags cause even more trouble for those in the park who aren't as "affluent."

  16. Some nice and interesting people could be moving in here. Don't judge a book by its cover. Prices are this high throughout the city.Why everyone keeps buying in a seller's market to sustain these prices is beyond me. The "bro" problems are in the walk-ups, and fake lux rentals NOT the condo's.

  17. Gotta love the bros. We rule this hood. Just saying...


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