Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Blick makes it signage official on 4th Avenue

The coming-soon signs are up now for Blick at 111 Fourth Ave. (Thanks, Jeanne Krier, for this photo!

We noted this pending arrival back in August... as the Blick Art Materials outpost on 13th Street between University and Fifth Avenue is relocating here between 11th Street and 12th Street. Signage points to a summer debut here.

Until early 2019, this storefront was home to Jerry's New York Central.


  1. And, for those who remember it, this was the longtime home of Utrecht linens.

  2. This seems to be a revolving art store space. I'm holding out for the return of Pearl Paint!

  3. Blick is overpriced but I'll take it over another bank any day!

  4. First it was Utrecht, then Jerry's Artarama (which became Jerry's New York Central), now it will be Blick.

    Still missing the ACTUAL New York Central on Third Avenue - no one will ever be able to equal that place in terms of depth of knowledge.

  5. Another corporate chain. Glad to have an art store but really miss the mom and pop businesses like Pearl Paint and NY Art Supply, you could discover new products that weren’t in every other store. NYAS had the best paper selection, a whole room’s worth.

  6. so excited for this, any art supply store is welcome. hopefully more artists will return to our neighborhood.

  7. Blick is actually family owned, not a corporation. I used to work there before grad school. They’re a “people” employer, and I was really happy there. They own the Utrecht paints and factory in Brooklyn, so Utrecht is back at its old location


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