Monday, September 26, 2022

La Pizza Italiya taking over the Baker's Pizza space on Avenue A

Signage is up for La Pizza Italiya at 201 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street.

The awning notes Pasta, Gluten Free and "Krunchy Chicken." (Quotes ours!)

La Pizza takes over for Baker's Pizza. Some recent history there: A "Permanently Closed RIP" message was posted atop the pizzeria's website in January. However, several weeks later, the pizzeria reopened (though not by original owner Jordan Baker). BPII didn't last, though, long as the gates came down and a closed/Department of Health notice arrived on the door dated March 31. A for-rent sign arrived in the summer.

Baker's arrived in February 2016 and quickly built a fervent fanbase.

No word yet on an opening date for La Pizza Italiya.


  1. Hope they fix the typo in Gluten.

  2. I'm sure that person who resides in that apt above is going to just love that sign!!HA

  3. baker pizza was the best slice in the ev since south brooklyn pizza left. somehow i don't see a place advertising "Pasta, Gluten Free and "Krunchy Chicken" taking up the mantle.

  4. Exhibit A as to why branding and attention to detail is so important.

  5. Baker's slices were among the best in the EV. I'm sad to see them go. Luzzo's--an old joint in a new spot on Ave. B--might be the best slice east of First Ave right now.

  6. I hope they can get the place properly cooled. That was a problem for all the previous tenants. In the summer, the place was sweltering, and the pizza was just sitting there in the heat. Also rough on the employees. I don't know how the guys working in there didn't pass out in the summer.

  7. Best of luck to them but the elementary spelling errors on permanent signage isn't a good look! Bakers Pizza hadn't been good since the old manager Luigi, left. Luigi has his own place now on 23rd St. between 2nd & 3rd Ave. If you're looking for great pizza and/or loved Bakers- you'll find both at BAKED By Luigi NYC Pizza!

    1. Thank you. Honestly humbled to just be remembered!!!

  8. If the sign is attached to the fire escape, that's got to be illegal.


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