Thursday, September 19, 2013

There is a now a mural of LES Jewels in Venice Beach, Calif.

Jules Muck, a longtime friend of the late LES Jewels, created this mural on Main Street in Venice Beach, Calif., this week.

"I could tell stories bout him for days," she said via Facebook.

Nearly 10 years earlier, she did this mural on St. Mark's Place in his honor ...

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Photos via Facebook courtesy of Jules Muck.


  1. The top one is really good. He should have done the mural of Joe Strummer.

  2. 7:21AM, except it doesn't really look like Jewels (too handsome and 'together') so no.

  3. Anonymous 10:39,
    The Joe Strummer mural doesn't look like Joe Strummer either. Between two non-likenesses, the Jewels one is better.

  4. Jules Muck is a "she" and she does amazing work.

  5. I'm out here in LA LA LAnd - gonna go pay my respect at this later... Thanks, Jules, for bringing something close here for those of us that knew him. We miss you, brother Jewels...


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