Wednesday, July 28, 2021

'I see you over there' — the return of a Zoltar and words of wisdom

A familiar figure in a paisley vest and luxurious gold headwrap made a triumphant debut today outside The March Hare, the toy store at 321 E Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. 

Welcome back, Zoltar! (Thanks to Steven, MP and Jason for the photos!) 

For starters, this is NOT the same Zoltar that held forth outside Gem Spa on Second Avenue and St. Mark's for nearly seven years — 2012-2019. (Among other features, that Zoltar had a flute in his cummerbund.) 

That Zoltar ended up outside a pizzeria in Bushwick, where bloggers probably don't post about him every few days. Sources on Ninth Street tell us that this Zoltar was important from the faraway land of New Jersey.

The new Ninth Street Zoltar is $1 for a fortune (aka words of wisdom). 

We'll have more on this arrival in the days ahead... but one question was answered — the Ninth Street Zoltar will not be outside 24/7...


  1. Love this shop.Who remembers the wonderful snowman?

  2. Any Zoltar is a positive addition to our community, and this shop is a particularly great place for Zoltar to be!

    1. Yes indeed!! I just hope that the “woo hoo’ers” leave him alone!!!


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