Monday, March 13, 2023

Corner development battle: 360 Bowery takes commanding lead over 1 St. Mark's Place

Office buildings with ground-floor retail spaces are in the works for corner spaces near each other: 360 Bowery at Fourth Street and 1 St. Mark's Place at Third Avenue. 

Foundation work started in earnest on each lot last summer... though No. 360 (a pit start last June) is much further along. As the top photo shows, workers are up to the sixth floor of what will be a 21-story building with a generic 2024 completion date. 

At 1 St. Mark's Place, a 9-floor office building is still in the pit stage...
The work down here began again late last summer, and there has been little noticeable progress above ground ... and this is after crews and equipment were on the scene in the summer of 2020...
The building is slated for a (now unlikely) summer 2024 completion. Our previous post has more details about what has transpired here to date. 


  1. Since there's been increasing chatter about converting office space to residential, which is seen as expensive and impractical, I hope these buildings are considering it now before their build-out is done. It seems totally illogical to open new office space when residential is needed and office space is not needed.

  2. And just today there is an article in the NYT about how empty office buildings that no one wants any more are being converted into's two more candidates...

  3. Who needs office space now ??! Especially there .. idiotic


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