Thursday, July 29, 2021

Renovation watch: This is what the inside of the former Hells Angels HQ looks like now

Photos by Stacie Joy

As we've been reporting, the former Hells Angels clubhouse at 77 E. Third St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue is undergoing a gut renovation. 

The 6-floor building is expected to offer 22 one- and two-bedroom units with a price point of $3,500 a month via new landlord Better Living Properties.

The last of the members moved out of No. 77 at the end of March 2019 from the clubhouse that the Hells Angels had in their possession since 1969.

In June 2019, EVG contributor Stacie Joy got an exclusive look inside the mostly-unseen-to-outsiders space. At the time, workers were just prepping No. 77 for construction.  

As she noted, there was stagnant air in the building — a combo of cat urine and rotting food. And it looked as if a few of the tenants had left in a hurry, leaving behind unwieldy pieces of furniture and a few mattresses. (The Post previously reported that the building had 16 apartments and that the rooms were used more as "crash pads" for visiting members rather than full-time residency.)

Now, two-plus years later, Stacie took another look inside No. 77 to see how far the renovations had come... 
The Better Living Properties website has four of the units listed, ranging in price from $2,999 to $3,699, with a move-in date of Sept. 1. Amenities include central air, video intercoms and granite countertops. The listings do NOT mention anything about the previous tenants.

As for the previous occupants, the Hells Angels reportedly ended up in Throggs Neck, a neighborhood in the southeastern portion of the Bronx. Last summer, two members and an accomplice were charged in the fatal shooting of a rival gang leader.


  1. That hallway looks awfully narrow,
    will a person and a few shopping bags fit ?

    1. Clearly you don’t live in East Village. Hallways look like this and hundreds of tenement buildings. And yes, as long as some fool neighbor doesn’t stack their shit in the hallway, you can get through.

  2. If those walls could talk...Good riddance to the former inhabitants.

  3. haunted as hell

  4. Bring back the Hell’s Angels. Too much luxury housing already in our neighborhood

  5. You'd need an army of shamans to *try* to clear the energy from that building's previous residents.

  6. Wow, so much character.

  7. They took out that gorgeous original mosaic floor in the front hall and replaced it with shitty tiles???

  8. This is an actual, literal horror movie premise.

  9. :
    that's what they do - no reminder of the past - an unending tragedy as the neighborhood is transformed into a huge transient station specializing in pretty cocktails.

  10. Thanks for the photos, Stacie Joy.
    That stairwell railing & newell posts look almost identical to my building so I assume at least those original details have been retained.

  11. hideous. frankly, I'd rather live in it however it looked before

  12. My father owned a pool hall on 6 street and was friends with many of them. Even attended one of their weddings. Neighbors change and that’s how it is


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