Thursday, December 24, 1970

St. Francis of Assisi hosts First Nativity Scene; 'there goes the neighborhod'

[Photo illustration by Derek Berg]

Earlier tonight, St. Francis recreated the scene of Christ's birth in a special ritual and Mass he held inside of a cave believed to be in a lawless part of New Amsterdman, inviting both his fellow friars and the townspeople to join in the celebration.

According to EVG reader St. Bonaventure: "The brethren were summoned, the people ran together, the forest resounded with their voices, and that venerable night was made glorious by many and brilliant lights and sonorous psalms of praise."

Another reader worried about the tourists and newbie settlers who may start flocking to this area, driving up the price of settlements and ushering in an era of more fur traders. Per the reader: "Great, another place selling beaver pelts."