Sunday, May 31, 2020

Weekend parting shots

Thank you to East Village-based photographer Kyle de Vre for sharing these photos from yesterday, capturing moments from the protest along First Avenue and Second Avenue...

Sunday evening at Target

Workers were seen boarding up the windows at the Target on 14th Street and Avenue A this evening ... as several businesses brace for another night of possible protests... photo by Jackflashnyc...


Jackflashnyc also noted plywood going up at Whole Foods on 14th Street and Union Square...

... and the Sweetgreen on University Place...

6 posts from May

[As seen on Avenue A today by Brian Boulos]

A mini month in review...

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Week in Grieview

[Wednesday evening along St. Mark's Place]

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... and in the Sunday Papers Department... Vinny & O today found this stash of the Times from 1991 on Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...


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A sign outside Verizon: 'Agitators are not protestors'

A handmade sign arrived some time this morning after 8 outside the damaged Verizon store on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place...

It reads:

Please know:

1) BLM
2) The protest came here twice peacefully. Hours later a small group of people trashed 2nd & St. Mark's. Agitators are not protestors."

Thanks to Steven for the photos...

Sunday morning around Union Square

Yesterday's peaceful protests turned chaotic in the late-night hours as demonstrators set fire to nearly a dozen NYPD vehicles around Union Square... it marked the end of the third day of protests against racist police violence in the aftermath of George Floyd's death Monday in Minneapolis.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy surveyed the scene this morning around Union Square, including on University Place where many of the police vehicles — specifically the Homeless Outreach vans — had been parked.

The damage to the 7-Eleven on 14th Street

Most of the damage to East Village businesses last night occurred on Second Avenue between Houston and 12th Street. There were a few exceptions — the Mattress Firm at 250 E. Houston St. ... as well as the 7-Eleven on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy took these photos this morning, showing that the front doors were smashed by unknown objects...

There were other reports of damaged businesses nearby on Broadway and University Place. NBC 4 reported that the North Face and Adidas stores on Broadway were also looted.

A look at last night's damage along 2nd Avenue

Yesterday's mostly peaceful protests turned ugly last night, as demonstrators broke windows along Second Avenue and Broadway, and set fire to multiple police vehicles around Union Square.

Citywide, NBC 4 reported that 345 people were arrested and 33 police officers injured as the protestors and cops clashed late night around several different hotspots, including Union Square.

Along Second Avenue between Houston and 14th Street, windows of each bank branch were smashed ... as well as at the Verizon store and Urban Outfitters. Bus stops and LinkNYC kiosks were also vandalized. In addition, trash cans were upturned and tossed into Second Avenue. There were also reports of several mattress fires ...

[Photo by Steven]

[TD Bank at 1st Street via Stacie Joy]

Smaller businesses were also hit: The front windows were broken at Kona Coffee and Company between Third Street and Fourth Street, The Gray Mare between Third Street and Fourth Street, Plant Food & Wine at Fourth Street, Cooper's Craft & Kitchen at Fifth Street, Le Fournil Bakery at Seventh Street and B&H between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

The protests, which took place in all five boroughs, were in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis while in police custody.

[St. Mark's Place]

Windows smashed at Le Fournil, and other small businesses along 2nd Avenue

[Photo last night by Jackflashnyc]

A handful of protestors — said to be remants of the day's early peaceful demonstrators — smashed windows along Second Avenue last night. Le Fournil, the French bakery at 115 Second Ave. at Seventh Street, was among the local businesses to suffer damage.

[Reader-submitted photo]

[Photo this morning by Steven]

There were unconfirmed reports that someone attempted to start a fire out front. (Several trash cans and mattresses along the Avenue were set ablaze.)

Ownership shared this on the Le Fournil Instagram account...

View this post on Instagram

#WewillSurvive @lefournilnyc #i❤️baguette

A post shared by Le Fournil Bakery NYC (@lefournilnyc) on

Other damaged storefronts include B&H Dairy...

And further south on Second Avenue ... Cooper's Craft & Kitchen (all photos below by Steven)...

Plant Food & Wine...

The Gray Mare...

Kona Coffee...