Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Neighborhood Food Swap in action

Several community leaders recently launched the Neighborhood Food Swap to help feed families in need on the Lower East Side during the COVID-19 crisis.

To date, the group, which includes John M. Blasio, Alana Sivin and Aura Olavarria, have identified 31 multi-person families who could use a meal. They've also collaborated with two East Village restaurants, S'MAC on First Avenue at 12th Street, and Khiladi on Avenue B at 11th Street, to serve as partners and deliver the meals.

Thanks to $500 in donations to the Food Swap website, S'MAC owners Sarita and Caesar Ekya delivered meals for 90 NYCHA residents living in the Baruch Houses on Houston and Columbia Street this past Thursday evening. EVG contributor Stacie Joy was there as the volunteers distributed the meals ...

[Sarita and Caesar Ekya]

You can learn more about the Neighborhood Food Swap here.


Ms. said...

BRAVO to the good and caring people.

I❤️NYC said...

Such kindness + caring💛💛

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks volunteers and donors!