Friday, May 15, 2020

Steven Hirsch's CoronaLand

["First Responders" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

East Village resident Steven Hirsch is well-known for his courthouse photography as well as documentary work.

During the COVID-19 PAUSE, Hirsch turned his attention to a new medium: drawing.

"I started doing them when the virus started. It seemed like a time to start doing something different considering the world flipped upside down in a week," he told me. "The virus seemed like the only thing that made sense to draw since my work is autobiographical. I try to draw one a day."

He shared a selection of his work... you can find more here.

["Waiting To Get Tested" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

["Masks" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

["PPE" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

["Covid-19 Splat" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

["Lungs" 8" x 6" Acrylic and Pencils On Paper]

["Waiting To Get Tested" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]

["Killer Hornets" 8" x 6" Pencil and Acrylics On Paper]

["Trader Joes" 8" x 6" Pencil On Paper]


Anonymous said...

very nice! captures the moment!

BagelGuy said...

Hey Steve. This is amazing work. Didn't know you were multi talented. Must be all the whitefish ;-)

John Penley said...

Wow who knew ? More please. The Pandemic will not be televised but this plague art will remain powerful for a long time. I am really moved and impressed by this work.

Anonymous said...

Like these very much. Frenetic, like the situation. Stressy.

John Penley said...

Killer Hornets is my favorite one.

Unknown said...

Great work!