Sunday, May 24, 2020

Week in Grieview

['Kindly stay 6 feet away' on 4th Street by @beliza]

Posts from this past week include...

• RIP Frances Goldin (Tuesday)

• That long-empty corner lot at 14th Street and Avenue C has a new owner (Monday)

• McSorley's reopens today on 7th Street, and this is what you can expect (Friday) And an opening day visit (Saturday)

• At the COVID-19 testing site at St. Brigid (Saturday)

• Rossy's Bakery & Café is back open after making repairs caused by construction next door (Monday)

• Checking in on Jane's Exchange (Wednesday)

• A new oven, and a new era at C&B Cafe (Friday)

• B&H Dairy now accepting credit cards and mobile pay (Thursday)

• The 2020 [virtual] Loisaida Festival will take place on the next 2 Sunday afternoons (Friday)

• Someone vandalized the COVID-19 memorial on 10th Street and Avenue A (Sunday)

• Lori McLean Jewelry moving to Avenue A (Wednesday)

[Photo by Derek Berg]

• This week's NY See (Thursday)

• A depressing last look at Gem Spa (Monday)

• Lucien reopens the kitchen for takeout and delivery (Wednesday)

• Brick through the front door delays Bali Kitchen's reopening by a day (Saturday)

• Look at the baby hawks! (Thursday)

• Smash and grab at Caffé Bene on Avenue A (Tuesday)

• Mikey Likes It returns, and now with delivery (Saturday)

• Sen. Hoylman introduces legislation allowing bars and restaurants to continue offering drinks for takeout after COVID-19 (Friday)

• Demolition watch: 270 E. 2nd St. (Tuesday)

• 8 blocks of Avenue B are now open for pedestrians and bikers (Saturday)

• Terra Thai debuts on 6th Street (Tuesday)

• Construction watch: 302 E. 2nd St. (Thursday)

• Village Crêperie debuts on 9th Street (Monday)

• ICYMI: Momofuku's Ssäm Bar moving from the East Village to the Seaport (Monday)

• Brooklyn Dumpling Shop's automated approach to dining in the COVID-19 era (Thursday)

... and as the top link reported, Frances Goldin, the lifelong preservationist and community activist, died last Sunday. She was 95. Leslie McEachern shared these photos from 2016 from Angelica Kitchen...


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