Sunday, May 31, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Wednesday evening along St. Mark's Place]

Posts from this past week included...

• Anonymous East Village restaurant owners continue to feed those in need of a meal (Wednesday)

• Thousands march through East Village streets to protest the death of George Floyd (Saturday)

• A look at last night's damage along 2nd Avenue (Sunday)

• Report: Departmental charges recommended for officers involved in violent Avenue D arrest (Saturday)

• Neighborhood Food Swap in action (Tuesday)

• A Brazilian journalist searches for trends on St. Mark's Place in 1985 (Thursday)

• The door is now open at Lucy's on Avenue A (Saturday)

• A Memorial Day Weekend pizza and mask giveaway on Avenue D (Monday)

• Re-openings: International Bar, Hearth (Monday)

• Photo op! Luster has reopened on Avenue A (Thursday)

• This week's NY See (Thursday)

• ... word from the East Village (Monday)

• Academy Records is buying records again (Friday)

• Somos extends COVID-19 testing at St. Brigid (Tuesday)

• Asshole steals bike that belongs to COVID-19 ICU nurse (Thursday)

• Baby hawks in Tompkins Square Park starting to branch out this spring (Wednesday)

• Winter Flowers return this spring at La Plaza Cultural (Tuesday)

• Reopenings: Muzzarella Pizza, 787 Coffee (Thursday)

• San Loco is back open on Avenue C (Wednesday)

• Cafe Himalaya is back open (Tuesday)

• The Wild Son is opens on 1st Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Friday)

• Explosion site condoplex shapes up (Wednesday)

• A foggy Brooklyn Bridge (Wednesday)

• Do you Desire another corner deli on 4th and B? (Friday)

• When the Post Office is out to lunch (Tuesday)

• Here's your Brooklyn Dumpling Shop signage (Thursday)

... and in the Sunday Papers Department... Vinny & O today found this stash of the Times from 1991 on Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...


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