Monday, June 30, 2014

The art of travel

EVG contributor Stacie Joy spotted this art car today on First Avenue and East Ninth Street ...

99-Cent Discount Center latest lost-lease casualty on East 14th Street

[Photo by EVG Facebook friend Cheryl Pyle]

The crowded shop here with a little bit of everything at 440 E. 14th St. just west of Avenue A is closing this week ... lost their lease.

The 99-Cent Discount Center joins former next-door neighbor Stuyvesant Stationery in the Lost Least Club. And, of course, the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office closed in February and reopened a retail space a block away.

[The former post office on Saturday]

So now three, single-level storefronts all in a row will be vacant ... prompting some discussion among EVG regulars again about the possibility of new development along here. Perhaps something like what's going in to the east on 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.

Meanwhile, there's nothing on file with the DOB to suggest any new buildings for 438 or 440 E. 14th St.

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[EVG file photo from September 2013]

Updated: The 2nd Avenue BP station closes tomorrow

As we previously reported, the BP station on Second Avenue at East First Street is closing … tomorrow is the last day.

MRM Auto Repair, which leased space here, moved to West 38th Street last month.

As for what's next for the BP property here, a tipster tells us that a boutique hotel will eventually rise here. For now, though, this is still in the rumor stages — there aren't any building plans on file with the city at this time.

Meanwhile, the BP station on East Houston and Lafayette will eventually be replaced by luxury something.

The station will now close after the business day on July 6.

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BP station on 2nd Avenue closes this month

In other gas station news: Mobil reopens on Avenue C and East Houston

[Photo from Saturday]

The station was back in business Saturday morning after a 9-day closure … the State of New York seized the property on June 19 for nonpayment of taxes.

While the station was closed, at least one local person/blogger stood around the lot taking photos.

Speaking of this lot… back in March, Hakimian Property filed plans (waiting for approval) to erect a 9-story mixed-use building on the site. Plans call for 45 residential units and 4,550 square feet of commercial space.

The Times reported in October 2013 that construction would begin when Mobil's lease expires in two years — roughly toward the end of 2015.

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Hey, the new Dunkin' Donuts is now open on Cooper Square

The one at the former Norman's Sound & Vision space at 67 Cooper Square opened Saturday. The official Grand Opening is today.

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But of course!: Former Norman's Sound & Vision space becoming a Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts-branded door handle arrives on Cooper Square

1st signs of activity at Alex Stupak's incoming restaurant on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place

Several readers noticed workers inside the former Sushi Lounge space on Friday … not much activity according to EVG reader Russ, but the first sign of life for the new restaurant that Alex (Empellón Cocina, Empellón Taqueria) Stupak plans to open here on Avenue A and St. Mark's Place …

Otherwise, the corner remains the same this summer.

[EVG photo from yesterday]

Stupak told Eater in March that he plans on having a small facility here at 132 St. Mark's Place to make tortillas for his restaurants.

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As the for rent signs turn on Avenue A

Here are a few scant details about chef Alex Stupak's new venture on St. Mark's Place

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Weekend recap: The Houston/Bowery Mural Wall has been boarded up

In case you missed this post from Saturday... find it here.

The Nathaniel wants you to know its name on 3rd Avenue

[Photo from May 10]

Over at 84 Third Ave. and East 12th Street, where the newly christened building The Nathaniel awaits completion, there is a notice up ...

...for a proposed, non-illuminated blade sign reading The Nathanial ...

Which is actually already in place.

As previously noted, studios here in the 9-floor luxury building start at $3,470; one-bedrooms start at $4,600; two-bedrooms start at $6,650; and three bedrooms at — !!!! — $11,500. There is also a rooftop reflection pool for reflection on how much your rent is.

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3 colors later, Saints Tavern is now Kamikaze & Co. on St. Mark's Place

[November 2012]

Saints Tavern arrived in late 2012 in the former Typhoon Lounge on St. Mark's Place just west of First Avenue.

Then the place became really purple in May 2013 …

[Bobby Williams]

Now! It's gold! We spotted workers painting it on Friday … there's also a new name and concept — Kamikaze & Co., which, per the sign, serves "craft beer, Asian-style tacos and cocktails" …

[Last evening]

What will the next color be here?

As for Saints Tavern, we never knew anyone who went in here. Recent Yelp reviews are full of 1 stars, for what that is worth.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

At the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer carnival today

Earlier we mentioned that it was Day 2 of the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer carnival … EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by for a look …

The church is on East Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B … the carnival entrance is behind the building on East Third Street …


[Photo by Stephanie Nilva via Facebook]

Heh. Someone did a little switcheroo with the advertising on the bus stop on First Avenue near East First Street late this afternoon … Oh no! Not Cemusa approved!

Skate expectations

East Ninth Street today via Bobby Williams…

Week in Grieview

[2nd Avenue bike lane]

Movie nights returning to Tompkins Square Park (Thursday)

Goat Town closing; pizzeria on the way (Monday)

Baby hawk down (Tuesday)

St. Mark's Bookshop moves to East Third Street next week (Thursday)

The Halal Guys open their restaurant on East 14th Street (Friday)

About the boxing gym coming to the former home of the Yippies (Wednesday)

Out and About with Kate (Wednesday)

Gigi Li re-elected to CB chair (Tuesday)

Joselito's leaves Avenue D (Monday)

The Incubator Arts Project ends run at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery (Monday)

The Olympic closes tomorrow (Monday)

The Stage goes on vacation (Friday)

Continuum Cycles is returning (Wednesday)

Adinah's Farm has closed (Tuesday)

Bascis Plus confirmed for Third Avenue (Monday)

Former JoeDough space for lease on First Avenue (Wednesday)

Archangels Antiques closes for good today; get your 'charming goodies free'

[Photo from March by William Klayer]

After nearly 21 years selling vintage cufflinks, eyeglasses and buttons at 334 E. Ninth St., Archangel Antiques is closing. It's officially a retirement. Today is their last day here between First Avenue and Second Avenue. Until 5 p.m.

There are sales. And there is stuff out front for free, as you can see in this photo by @peterfeld

Blogger O That Sherry (via Jeremiah's Vanishing New York) recently wrote about the space. She has more on co-owners Gail and Richard.

Gail bemoans the situation. They cannot keep up with the increased rent. Besides competition with other vintage clothing stores in the area, East Village’s demographic is mostly students. Generally speaking, students do not have money or taste. Gail argues that to buy vintage, “you have to have a little sense of adventure, style, and be willing to stand out a bit.”

While there is nothing wrong with buying what everyone else is wearing from H&M or Urban Outfitters, she adds that “Young people just don’t have a sense of personal style.”

Ipswich Watch & Clock Shop, which had been subletting space here, has a new home at 434 E. 11th St. just west of Avenue A.

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21 long years! Archangel Antiques announces retirement, store to close at the end of June

Today is Day 2 of the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer carnival

You enter through the church's back lot on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. (Just follow the sound of the music.)

Whatever you feel about organized religion, you will find inexpensive food and drinks…

… two bouncy castles …

… and games where you can take out your rent-hike frustrations on some landlords …

All in all some quality community spirit time. Today from 1-9.

Bereket has closed

Several EVG readers passed along the news that Bereket closed for good early this morning after 19 years on East Houston and Orchard.

Jeremiah Moss first reported the impending closure yesterday.

EVG reader Bill Imprint stopped by around 1 a.m., and the quick-serve Turkish restaurant had already run out of falafels and doner kebab sandwiches with several hours to go.

As BoweryBoogie reported back in March, developer Ben Shaoul is apparently buying up the properties occupied by 196-198 Orchard and 187 East Houston for God knows what.

BB pointed out that Katz's is not part of the Shaoul land grab.

Jeremiah noted that Bereket hopes to reopen nearby on Allen Street.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

[Updated] Tiger beat

EVG reader Andrew spotted this yesterday on Avenue A and East Second Street …

It looked familiar…

[EVG file photo]

We checked in with the now-former owner of the Cadillac with the Tiger in it.

This one is NOT the same tiger, though he certainly would make for a nice companion, says the now-former owner of the Cadillac with the Tiger in it.

Anyway, just so you know what you're dealing with here.

Updated 4:02 p.m.

This tiger is apparently on the prowl! Andrew just spotted it on East Third Street between Avenue A and Avenue B…

Sounds on C tomorrow afternoon at La Plaza

Free music tomorrow afternoon at the La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez community garden on the southwest corner of Avenue C and East Ninth Street … bands start at 2:30. Find out more about them here.

At the 2014 New York City Drag March

Participants in the annual Drag March last night gathered in Tompkins Square Park for the walk on over to the Stonewall Inn … EVG contributor editrrix shared a few photos from the early evening with us...

Find more of her photos from the March here.