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Monday, December 20, 2021

7-Eleven shutters on 14th Street

The 7-Eleven on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue shut down last week. (Thanks to Pinch for the tip!)

No closing notice, no explanation behind the closing.

As you can sorta see in this shot above the papered storefront... the space is mostly empty...
This outpost arrived in 2012 (bring back Exquisite DVD Video!). And this is the second 7-Eleven to close in the East Village, joining the one on St. Mark's Place in 2013.

Still, there are still plenty of 7-Elevens around (the Bowery, Avenue A, etc.) to get your Fiery Hot Taquitos and Mountain Dew Major Melon Slurpee...

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The damage to the 7-Eleven on 14th Street

Most of the damage to East Village businesses last night occurred on Second Avenue between Houston and 12th Street. There were a few exceptions — the Mattress Firm at 250 E. Houston St. ... as well as the 7-Eleven on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy took these photos this morning, showing that the front doors were smashed by unknown objects...

There were other reports of damaged businesses nearby on Broadway and University Place. NBC 4 reported that the North Face and Adidas stores on Broadway were also looted.

Monday, February 3, 2020

You HAD your chance to buy the 7-Eleven retail space on the Bowery

[Same photo as last time]

Back on Nov. 26, we noted an investment opportunity for you involving the retail condo at 351 and 353 Bowery between Third Street and Fourth Street... home of the 7-Eleven.

The single-tenant retail condominium was going for $6,915,032. (I had the .032!)

Anyway, YOU ARE TOO LATE. Commercial Property Executive reported last week that the 2,156-square-foot retail space sold for $6.9 million to a "private investor."

Public records show that the building last traded in 2019, when the seller acquired it from HK Organization for $4.6 million.

This 7-Eleven opened in December 2011. The 7-Eleven recently extended their lease through December 2034, with contract terms featuring a 10 percent rent increase every five years.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

This is your chance to be the 7-Eleven's landlord on the Bowery!

Here's an investment opportunity for you involving the retail condo at 351 and 353 Bowery between Third Street and Fourth Street... home of a 7-Eleven for maybe the next 15 years.

Details via the listing!

The Boulder Group is pleased to exclusively market for sale a single-tenant 7-Eleven retail condominium located in Manhattan within the Bowery neighborhood. 7-Eleven is committed to this location as evidenced by their recent lease extension which now expires in December 2034.

The lease features 10-percent rental escalations every five years in the primary term and a 15-percent rental escalation in the renewal option. 7-Eleven is an investment grade tenant with a Standard & Poor’s rating of AA-. This location is open 24 hours and a top performing location for 7-Eleven.

And the price for this 2,162 square feet of retail (to the exact dollar): $6,915,032.

This 7-Eleven opened in December 2011.

Friday, May 18, 2018

New for lease sign at the old 7-Eleven space on St. Mark's Place

Just noting that a new for lease sign arrived this week at 37 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue... this prime, 2,000-square-foot space has been vacant since the 7-Eleven closed here in late November 2013.

The listing at Winick notes that the rent is available upon request, and that the possession is "immediate."

Winick originally had the listing, before another broker took over at the start of 2017. Anyway, maybe this will be the year for a new tenant here.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

New broker for former 7-Eleven space on St. Mark's Place

The 7-Eleven at 37 St. Mark's Place at Second Avenue closed at the end of November 2013. And the storefront has been empty ever since... there's now a new broker for the retail space. (The listing isn't online just yet at Walter-Samuels.)

A few of the storefronts here in the corner building have sat empty since late 2011. (RIP Timi's Gelateria Classica™.)

However, there will be a new tenant soon enough next to the former 7-Eleven with the arrival of 98 Favor Taste, which will specialize in traditional Korean-style barbecue and Chinese hot pot meals

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Meanwhile at 7-Eleven on Avenue A...

The location at East 11th Street is participating in the Slurpee's 50th birthday.

For a limited time, there's a new birthday cake-flavored Slurpee ... as well as a Birthday Cake Slurpee donut and Slurpee-flavored Chapstick.

Slurpee Week begins tomorrow, FYI.

Not sure if the location on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue has the special Slurpee products. A reader shared this flyer on the door...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Noted, and noted

Behold the newish Wild Cherry Slurpee® donut at the 7-Eleven on Avenue A at East 11th Street.

EVG reader Riian Kant-McCormick noted earlier that there was not even a line for these. (Given how people wait in line for pastries and stuff around here.)

Not that they weren't selling. For reasons that we didn't inquire about, Riian returned (for the sake of the blog?) to the scene...

"We bought one of the remaining two. My friend described it as the worst donut that he ever had. It was pink and speckled red to the core. The cashier told us that if you buy a Slurpee® to dunk it in the donut would be free."

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reader report: Man throws trashcan into 7-Eleven's front window on Avenue A

Around 8:30 this morning, an EVG reader said that a man, who was believed to be homeless, threw a city trashcan into the front window of the 7-Eleven store on Avenue A and East 11th Street. His motive was unclear. Police were quickly on the scene, though it wasn't known if they had any suspects.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween reminders

If you're wearing a mask and want to enter the 7-Eleven on Avenue A and East 11th Street, then you will need to remove it before heading into the store, per the sign.

If you absolutely MUST keep the mask on while shopping at 7-Eleven, then head to the locations on East 14th Street near Second Avenue or the Bowery near East Third Street. Neither of those stores have the mask-off mandate.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1 year later, 7-Eleven asks for more time to move noisy refrigeration units from residential windows

[File photo via the No 7-Eleven Blog]

7-Eleven representatives appeared yesterday before the Environmental Control Board to discuss the ongoing issues with the store's Avenue A refrigeration unit that has caused sleepless nights for nearby neighbors these past 12-plus months.

And the result of this? According to DNAinfo:

At the hearing, a judge granted a two-week adjournment after a 7-Eleven representative said the franchise was entering into a contract to have the equipment moved. The judge gave 7-Eleven two weeks to submit a signed contract to show that the units would be placed elsewhere, he said.

Meanwhile, the building's landlord at Avenue A and East 11th Street, the Jared Kushner-owned Westminster City Living, put the blame directly on 7-Eleven. A Westminster spokesperson told DNA in a statement that they have been trying to meet with 7-Eleven for eight months.

“We completely agree with local residents. The units installed and owned by 7-Eleven need to be moved, and we’re working to make sure it happens,” the spokesman said in a statement.

There wasn't any comment from 7-Eleven reps.

You can read more about this at WABC and WCBS.

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Local pols blast 7-Eleven for blocking order to remove noisy refrigeration unit at 170 Avenue A

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Local pols blast 7-Eleven for blocking order to remove noisy refrigeration unit at 170 Avenue A

[File photo via the No 7-Eleven Blog]

From the EVG inbox yesterday afternoon…

Today, a group of elected officials and community groups blasted 7-Eleven for being a bad neighbor and demanded they drop the October 7, 2014 appeal of a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) order to cease using a noisy ground-level refrigeration unit in the East Village. The refrigeration unit at 7-Eleven’s 170 Avenue A store has been tormenting neighbors for over a year and violates the City’s noise code.

Since the refrigeration unit was installed in September 2013, residents of adjoining 502 East 11th Street have been driven from their bedrooms by the unit’s constant grinding, clicking and vibrating. Residents have secured multiple DEP noise violations against 7-Eleven, which culminated in the agency issuing a cease and desist order for the unit last month. 7-Eleven has chosen to fight the order at the City’s Environmental Control Board rather than fixing or disabling the offending unit.

Senator Hoylman (D, WFP – Manhattan) said: “This is an outrage. It’s like living in a wind tunnel. Neighbors can’t get a good night’s sleep thanks to 7-Eleven and its noisy refrigeration unit at 170 Avenue A. I demand 7-Eleven to fix or disable the refrigeration unit and drop their appeal immediately.”

Hoylman continued: “This case is a perfect example of how the incursion of franchises like 7-Eleven have hurt the quality of life in the East Village. It’s sad they can’t be trusted to be good neighbors.”

Council Member Rosie Mendez said: "Since NYC is a city that never sleeps, 7-Eleven believes that translates into the fact that it can disrupt its neighbors quality of life of 24/7. If 7-Eleven wants to operate a 24 hour business in NYC and in our community, then act like good neighbors by dropping the appeal and fixing the HVAC unit that is located only 2-3 feet from the rear windows."

Maria Rosenblum, a resident of 502 East 11th Street, said: “Having this refrigeration unit next to my apartment windows has been a living a nightmare. The constant noise and vibrations prevents our daughter from doing her homework and prevents me from doing my own work; I'm a freelance film editor and I work from home. At night we all have trouble sleeping and have had to all camp out on the floor of our living room, my husband, daughter and I. We have all been uprooted and our bedrooms are useless. 7-Eleven is destroying my home, my neighbors’ homes and our neighborhood.”

Gigi Li, Chair of Community Board 3, said: “Community Board 3 thanks Senator Hoylman for working with residents and the Community Board for almost a year to try to remedy this illegal installation that has been a nightmare for the neighbors. 7-Eleven has shown blatant disregard for their negative impact on neighbors by appealing the cease and desist order. They have moved into our community without concern of being a good neighbor and contributing to our community.”

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Please do not loiter in front of the former 7-Eleven on St. Mark's Place

[EVG file photo from March 2013]

When the 7-Eleven was still open on St. Mark's Place, it was an attractive spot for camping out.

Now that it is closed, the vacant storefront at the corner of Second Avenue remains an attractive spot for camping out.

Which might be why there are now some homemade "no loitering" signs taped along the empty property...

The space remains for rent.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

[UPDATED] 7-Eleven in talks to open store in retail space at Arabella 101 on Avenue D

The retail space at Arabella 101, the rental building that sits atop the new Lower Eastside Girls Club on Avenue D between Seventh Street and Eighth Street, remains empty.

However, word is that The Dermot Company, developer and manager of the 12-story residential building, is in discussions to bring 7-Eleven to one of the available spaces.

According to a retail listing at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, there is 5,000 square feet available.

The listing shows that "ideal uses" include "quick-serve restaurants, discount retailers, medical, pharmacy, laundromats and salons."

We hear that the Girls Club and some members of the Avenue D community are concerned — they thought that they had a solid agreement with the Dermot Company not to bring fast-food and chain stores into the building.

Meanwhile, at East 11th Street and Avenue A, members of the community and the No 7-Eleven group continue to hold weekly "No 7-Eleven" rallies outside the store that opened last October.

Arabella 101 began leasing in July 2012.

Updated 12:10 p.m.
A representative for The Dermot Company contacted us, stating "the deal is not moving forward with 7-Eleven."

Also, according to the Dermont spokesperson, the condo documents prevent them from leasing to national fast-food chains ... (other types of chain retain are apparently OK) ... The spokesperson also acknowledged the restriction that they are not permitted to seek stores/retailers who sell alcohol for off-site consumption.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On St. Mark's Place, 'this parable of neglect'

The photo and text are courtesy of longtime East Village resident Anton van Dalen ...

This scene compresses several histories of our neighborhood, a history of slash and burn economics.

Many of us were in a state of disbelief when a 7-Eleven opened at 35 St Mark's Place, but then the chain store imploded in just 18 months. Removal of the 7-Eleven signage reveals that JAS Mart, the Japanese grocery store, had been at site before.

And asleep in front on a sliver of sidewalk the homeless person, completing this parable of neglect.

I have noticed that certain addresses seem doomed, repeatedly turning over tenants and each time ending up abandoned, suggesting that some landlords have no clue or curiosity about the needs and subtleties of our neighborhood. Each time the renovation will take about a year, causing turmoil with neighboring businesses and community.

Friday, February 7, 2014


[Photo from Jan. 7 by Anton van Dalen]

"I hate to say this, but if I see one more 7-Eleven, I’m going to throw up." — Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, at an event this morning, responding to a question about small-business opportunities.

Quote from Politicker set up via Grub Street

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Report: 7-Eleven's AC units have forced residents from their bedrooms on Avenue A & East 11th St.

[Photo via the No 7-Eleven Blog]

As previously reported, workers installed several AC and refrigeration units adjacent to the incoming 7-Eleven at 500 E. 11th St. last September ... placed inches away from the bedroom windows of tenants. The No 7-Eleven Blog noted last week that landlord Westminster Management has racked up $17,000-plus in fines for the illegally placed units at 500 E. 11th St.

While no one appears to be much in a hurry to do anything about these AC units… life continues to be miserable for some surrounding tenants. The No 7-Eleven Blog heard firsthand from tenants for a post yesterday:

The illegal refrigeration unit is placed on the one story roof between 500 and 502 East 11th St. immediately outside of the bedrooms of four separate, second floor apartments (two in each building). This unit significantly violates the noise pollution laws (twice cited by the DEP). The noise and vibrations that this unit emits have resulted in tenants in 502 East 11th St. to abandon their bedrooms and re-position their entire family in the living room. The noise is constantly grinding, clicking, and vibrating making it unbearable for ALL the tenants on all the floors between the two buildings — one of whom is a freelance film editor who is now unable to work at home.

According to the blog, the tenants will request another noise reading next month … with a court date possible in the future.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

There is a Boycott 7-Eleven rally tomorrow

[Photo from the No 7-Eleven blog]

Via the EVG inbox…

Please join us for our weekly ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ rally tomorrow, February 2nd, from 1-2PM at the corner of Avenue A and 11th Street.

In other 7-Eleven related news, the No 7-Eleven Blog had an update this past week about the fines that 7-Eleven and Westminster Management have incurred at 500 E. 11th St. regarding the store's illegally placed AC and refrigeration units — more than $17,000 to date. Workers installed the units back in September.

Granted $17,000 isn't anything for Westminster Management, a division of Kushner Companies, or 7-Eleven. (That's dinner at Masa for the gang!) But not doing anything about the situation seems to be going against 7-Eleven's "aim to win over the tough crowd."

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Residents want 7-Eleven to shovel (and salt) their sidewalks on A and 11th

As you may have noticed, it snowed — a lot — on Tuesday … late into the night… And now it's just cold, icy, miserable (mostly!). Meanwhile, residents who live around the newish 7-Eleven on Avenue A and East 11th Street are annoyed that the sidewalks surrounding the store haven't been shoveled or salted… The photos here are from last night…

… one resident said that the East 11th Street side is particular hazardous.