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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The former Nomad space is for rent on 2nd Avenue

A small for-rent sign now hangs on the storefront at 78 Second Ave. between Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

Last month, owner Mehenni Zebentout announced that he was closing Nomad, his low-key Mediterranean and North African restaurant to take a much-needed break. 

As he wrote on Instagram: "This is not goodbye; more like stay tuned for what's next." 

Whatever he does next won't be from this space. The closing announcement also coincided with a notice that the landlord was now in legal possession of the premises (photo by Stacie Joy) ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

For rent: space ideal for a gallery on 6th Street

The folks at the co-op at 629 E. Sixth St. let us know there's a vacancy in the 525-square-foot storefront space here between Avenue B and Avenue C.

The last tenant, 3A gallery, recently relocated down to Canal Street. 

Per a co-op rep: "We'd really like someone with roots in the neighborhood and ideally tenant related to the arts. The space is ideal for a gallery."

You can find the link to the listing here

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A 14th Street storefront is available to rent for the first time in 63 years

The east storefront at 626 E. 14th St. is available for the first time since 1959.

A for-rent sign recently arrived on the front window between Avenue B and Avenue C at the now-closed Sun's Laundry.

Robert Lee opened the dry-cleaning business with his father in 1959.

Mr. Lee was 84 in August 2020 when he and his family decided to close up shop, one of the city's last Chinese hand laundries.

Both Gothamist and NBC News had features on Mr. Lee following his retirement. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Former Tarallucci e Vino space for rent

For rent signs are up now at 163 First Ave. ... the former Tarallucci e Vino on the NW corner of 10th Street. 

The KSR listing doesn't have a ton of info, like asking rent, though "all uses considered." (Soon listings may read: "all smoke shop uses considered.")

Tarallucci e Vino, the all-day Italian cafe, closed back in June after a 20-year run here. Their other NYC locations remain open.

Thanks to Steven for the photo yesterday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Thoughts on a new tenant for a former laundromat

A for-rent banner hangs across the front of the former New Phoenix Laundromat, which closed in the spring at 199 First Ave. between 12th Street and 13th Street. 

A sign on the door makes an appeal for the next tenant (thanks to Steven for the top two pics) ...
Someone! Please open this laundromat!! We need one!!! 

Meanwhile, while this won't be of help to the residents who live around the former New Phoenix... a new laundromat (Laundry Mart!) opened in early July at 60 Avenue B between Fourth Street and Fifth Street (just realized that we never noted this arrival)...

Monday, May 23, 2022

A bubble tea shop for this long-vacant storefront on 14th Street

Pila de Boba, offering bubble tea, macarons and ice cream, is a new tenant for 328 E. 14th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

The shop was scheduled to open this past Friday, per its Instagram account.

This space — now divided into two storefronts — has been vacant since Artichoke Basille's Pizza relocated across the street in June 2017. Before the move, the pizzeria suffered damage during a two-alarm fire. The FDNY said the fire was accidental — "due to heat from the pizza oven flue."

Various brokers have been trying to lease this space since early 2018

Thanks to Steven for the photo, and Pinch for keeping a watchful eye on the space.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Former Eileen Fisher space for rent on 9th Street

The former Eileen Fisher storefront at 314 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue is now available ... the for lease sign arrived this past week. (Thanks to Steven for the photo.)

No sign of the listing online just yet.

The shop had been closed since late August for "building maintenance." 

Management made the closure official last month. A note on the door for patrons read: 
After much thought, we have decided to close our 9th Street Eileen Fisher store. 

We thank you for being part of this special community and will miss you.
This was Fisher's first location, opening in 1987. Her brand grew to 50-plus shops around the country and sales in various department stores.  

Monday, February 7, 2022

For rent signs for the empty storefronts on the SW corner of 14th and 3rd

After nearly 10 years on the SW corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue, 5 Napkin Burger closed in mid-January ... joining sister restaurant Tamam Falafel, which shuttered at the end of 2021

You can't help but speculate about the future of this high-profile corner with single-story structures — seemingly ripe for development. (As mentioned before: Not sure what kind of air rights there might be with the newer 21-floor 110 Third Ave. on one side and NYU's 17-floor Palladium Hall on the other.)

Anyway, for now, there are low-key for-rent signs on both retail spaces...

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Local photographer opens door of former Tut at 189 E. 3rd St.

Photos by Stacie Joy

Seems like the storefront at 189 E. Third St. between Avenue A and Avenue B has been empty for eons.

In this case, eons = six years. As some neighbors may happily remember, the Marshal seized the hookah bar-restaurant Tut here at the end of January 2016.

The space was home for short stints to Lumiere and Casablanca in the previous two years.  

A hookah bar-cafe from the Tut team called Fire and Ice was in the works here later in 2016, but CB3 doused those plans.

Anyway! The other day, EVG contributor Stacie Joy got a look inside the tomb-like former Tut's... frozen in hookah time...
Not sure why this space hasn't attracted some sort of business (is it the doors?). It's an excellent retail block with Jane's Exchange, 3rd & B'zaar and Book Club steps away.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Former Zum Schneider space now for lease on 7th Street and Avenue C

A for-lease sign recently arrived on the storefront on the northwest corner of Avenue C and Seventh Street — the former Zum Schneider. 

The EVG reader who shared this photo said this is the first time the space has been on the market these past 20-plus months. The posted sign doesn't list any details about the type of tenant desired. (The space is vented for cooking.)

Zum Schneider, the popular biergarten and restaurant, closed here after 20 years in late February 2020. According to Zum Schneider owner Sylvester Schneider at the timethe co-op's lawyer stated that the building had no intention to renew the lease. (Zum Schneider continues to host various pop-up events in Brooklyn and NYC.)

In November 2020, a jokester attached a fake sign to the storefront stating that a McDonald's was opening here in January 2021. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Farewell to the locksmith-CBD shop on Avenue B

A for-rent sign now hangs on the storefront at 8-10 Avenue B...  bringing an official end to Top Notch Locksmith & Security's time on the block. (Thanks to Salim for the photo!)

The business arrived here between Houston and Second Street in early 2014. At some point, Top Notch expanded into the CBD arena (or at least they rented part of the space to someone else). As for locksmith services, one EVG reader said they stopped making keys during the pandemic.

Previously, M&M Variety Hardware was in this storefront for nearly 60 years.

Monday, April 5, 2021

The Hayaty Hookah Bar space is for rent on Avenue A

A for rent sign now hangs outside Hayaty Hookah Bar at 103 Avenue A between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, bringing an official end to the lounge.

Hayaty had not been open since the PAUSE went into effect in March 2020. 

And some residents had been surprised that Hayaty was open at all following a deadly shooting outside the space in January 2020.

Early on Jan. 9, 2020, two men, identified as Earl Facey and Richard Reid, reportedly got into an argument inside the lounge. 

The fight escalated outside when the two men — each reportedly carrying a .22 caliber handgun — exchanged gunfire. Surveillance footage obtained by NBC 4 showed the two men "shooting at each other as they dance around a parked car," per the report, outside Hayaty.

The chase ended in front of 113 Avenue A where Facey was said by police to fatally shoot Reid in the torso. Two uniformed officers who were on patrol nearby shot Facey on the northwest corner of Avenue A and Seventh Street as he walked away, refusing multiple commands to drop his weapon and lie on the ground, according to police accounts and media reports. One officer fired his weapon twice, the other one time. Facey later died at Bellevue.

Hayaty remained open until the PAUSE.

The building's other storefront, the former Thai Hub, is also for rent. Thai Hub relocated to 50 Avenue A early last month.

You'll recognize those for rent signs ... they've been up on the long-vacant southwest corner of Avenue A and Sixth Street... same landlord here... 
The space has been vacant ever since Benny's closed here in November 2014. Hopefully, 103 Avenue A won't sit empty for nearly seven years.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Space where Momofuku got its start is for rent on 1st Avenue

163 First Ave. just north of 10th Street is now on the rental market.

The space is notable to some local food aficionados for being where David Chang's Momofuku empire got is start .... first as the home of Noodle Bar (2004) before it moved a few storefronts away... later becoming Momofuku Ko for six years (2008-2014), which is now open in a larger space on Extra Place ... and then the first outpost of his Fuku fried chicken sandwich chain (2015-2018).

There was speculation that Chang would hold on to the space, as Eater noted after Fuku closed: 
The space, near and dear to Momofuku as the location that kicked off Chang’s empire, will continue to serve as an incubator — though what else the company has up its sleeves is TBD.
Not much info on the retail listing, except that the space is vented for cooking, though all uses are considered. 

Photo by Steven with assistance from EV Arrow


Bring back Wraparama!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Carving out a retail space at 56 St. Mark's Place

The 8-story residential building known as The Saint at 56 St. Mark's Place is now advertising retail space on the property between First Avenue and Second Avenue. 

The retail for-rent sign that arrived on Friday shows that there are three spaces available — spread out over the ground, first and second floors and featuring more than 10,000 square feet in total. The space can also be combined. (The listing isn't online just yet.)

Not sure what's in the space currently ... or why this the right time to put more retail on the market when plenty of empty storefronts line the neighborhood.

Thanks to Steven for the photos!

Monday, December 28, 2020

3 for-rent signs along a once popular stretch of 7th Street

A rather sad state here on Seventh Street just east of First Avenue ... where for rent signs (now all via the same broker) hang in three consecutive storefronts that previously housed bustling quick-serve restaurants.

Most recently, Caracas Arepa Bar closed in early November at 91 E. Seventh St. The original location at at 93 1/2 E. Seventh St. suffered extensive fire damage in September 2016, and the owners were never able to reopen in the space, which has remained vacant

In the middle, the first outpost for Luke's Lobster's closed in October 2019.

Both Caracas Arepa Bar and Luke's carry on at other locations. These small spaces on Seventh Street seem ideal for other new businesses just starting out. 

As Luke's founders Luke Holden and Ben Conniff wrote in October 2019: "It's time for 93 E. 7th Street to help launch someone else's dream, and we can't wait to visit and support it."

Monday, December 14, 2020

Former Finnerty's space for rent on 2nd Avenue

Finnerty's will not be reopening at 221 Second Ave. between 13th Street and 14th Street. 

A for rent sign now hangs outside the sports bar and self-described "party destination" featuring rent-a-keg service. 

The bar closed in March for the PAUSE and never reopened. There is not any message about the closure on their website or social media properties. 

Finnerty's, which opened in 2009, was an alleged Bay Area sports bar, where fans could watch games featuring the 49ers, Giants, Golden State Warriors or San Jose Sharks. Snubbed: the Oakland A's (and the Oakland Raiders before they moved to Las Vegas). 

This makes two like-minded bar closures on this block... Professor Thom's also never reopened after the PAUSE...

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

91 3rd Ave. is for rent

For lease signs recently arrived at 91 Third Ave., the large storefront on the northeast corner of 12th Street.

Per the Newmark Knight Frank listing: "3,500sf on ground floor and an additional 1,800 sf in basement. Vented food uses accepted. Expansive corner space in the East Village surrounded by restaurants, bars, cosmetic and service tenants. Bustling neighborhood, steps from Union Square."

Rental rate available by request!

As previously reported, housewares shop Basics Plus was set to close in this storefront in the spring of spring 2019. However, the housewares shop that opened here in August 2014 ended up consolidating the space, and making do with a smaller footprint in the building.

Surprise! Surprise! was the previous housewares tenant, closing in April 2014 after 25 years in business.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A sign of things to come?

A for rent sign arrived yesterday in the front window at T-swirl Crêpe, the dessert shop on 14th Street that has been closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pinch, who took this photo, added: "Hopefully not too much of an indication for what’s to come for other businesses."

T-swirl Crêpe, part of a small chain with multiple NYC locations, opened here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue in July 2015.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Report: State says landlords must now pay broker fees, not tenants

Updated 2/10

The New York Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order halting the ban on landlord-hired brokers charging tenants a commission, per Gothamist.


Making headlines last evening: "Surprise for New York Renters: No More Broker Fees."

From The New York Times:

In an unexpected addendum to last year’s rent laws, state regulators said renters can no longer be charged broker fees, potentially upending the market and delivering the latest blow to an industry already reeling from new regulations and sweeping tenant protections.

Brokers can still collect a fee, the state said in the revised rules, but it must be paid by the landlord unless a prospective tenant hired them to help find an apartment.

This action caught many people off guard, chief among them the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), who is exploring legal action.

A REBNY spokesperson told The Real Deal that the new cost of landlords paying brokers fees instead of tenants would lead to an increase in rent.

Monday, December 30, 2019

A for rent sign at the Smoke & Beer shop on Avenue A

After nearly four years on Avenue A, the Smoke & Beer shop here between 13th Street and 14th Street is winding down its business. A for rent sign hangs in the front window.

Among other other items, the shop specializes in e-liquids and e-cigarettes, which continue to come under scrutiny amid an outbreak of lung illnesses.

This was one of the several beer-smoke combo shops that popped up in the neighborhood in recent years.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Smoke shop, the new nail salon, opening in former nail salon on Avenue A