Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gotham Pizza looks closed

Several readers in recent days have noted that Gotham Pizza has not been open during its usual business hours ... with the space cleaned out here on 12th Street at Third Avenue, as these photos by EVG reader Laura K. show (and H/T @JCooper911!) ...

Gotham's phone is still in service, though there isn't any answer. The various online delivery services note that this Gotham location isn't currently taking any orders.

The pizzeria, part of a mini chain, opened here in August 2016.

Their slices were serviceable though nothing spectacular... and why bother with the excellent slices at Joe's beckoning around the corner on 14th Street. And telling — despite the proximity to five dorms (four NYU and one New School), Gotham Pizza never seemed all that busy.

The corner space last served up the FroYo via Funkiberry. There were more slices before this with AAA (New) Amici Pizza.

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Anonymous said...

Joe's Pizza: O-VER-RA-TED.

Prince Street Pizza or Ben's Pizza for slices, John's Pizzeria of Bleecker Street or the original/real Patsy's Pizza in East Harlem for pies. That's all you need to know Manhattan pizza-wise.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Joe's is very meh. Gotham's delivery was fast and their prices were very fair. Disappointing news.

sophocles said...

Joe's used to be great. I don't know what happened but their slices have not been the same recently. My favorite New York slice is now at Scarr's on 22 Orchard St. A memorable crust. Prince Street has their famous square pepperoni slice but why is there always a line now? It's not worth a 20-minute wait for me.

Anonymous said...

Bakers on A

Giovanni said...

Joe’s in the West Village is still the best, but recently the lines out the door have been ridiculous, mostly because people don't want to wait on line to pay $20 for a pizza at Keste or John’s. I also like Luzzo’s on 1st Ave. for a nice coal oven pizza.

Anonymous said...

Their Granny slice was good. Hope another pizza place comes in and not another Funkiberry debacle.

Anonymous said...

Gotham is a joke & I always wondered about the type of people who would eat there. Maybe they didnt walk around the corner for a reason. BTW - Joes delivery is faster and is the same price as a pie from “Gotham”

Anonymous said...

I have walked pass Gotham countless times since they opened, and have never seen
it busy. Only a few customers. I can’t imagine that they can pay the rent. I always enjoy
Joe’s. Their Supreme slice is great. By the way, I predict that Bagel Belly, just north, will
close also due to lack of customers.

Unknown said...

You go to pizza joints that are in your neighborhood. Not many are making the trek for the excellent pizza at Patsy"s on 118th. Joe's is 2 blocks from me and hits the spot. Btw I live 1 block from Gotham Pizza and no one was ever in there. At most 2 or 3 people. The white and red decor didnt help either. The Amici place wasn't bad either for a quick slice. The place on 3rd and 16th that closed a year ago was pretty good, forgot the name.

Unknown said...

Agree 100%. Never saw Gotham the least bit busy with all the NYU dorms a block away. And the bagel place also wonder how they stay open. Rather go to Bagel Bob's on University, Black seed on 1st, or Westside Market.

2017gotham said...

Tried Gotham once and it was terrible.
Is Wayside around hr corner (and adjacent to Gotham) also out of business?

Anonymous said...

Joe's isn't so great; they make the pies ahead & then burn them when they re-heat them for the whatever-th time. NO pizza tastes good with a burnt crust.

As for Gotham, their slices were, IMO, not very good. Someone said (a few years back) that certain pizza places had slices where the cheese tasted more like a petroleum by-product than actual cheese. I wouldn't go that far with Gotham, but their product just didn't make the grade for me.

And, as noted, they couldn't stay in business even with all those dorms (and all those weekend boozers) right there. No ambiance at all.