Saturday, September 22, 2018


The Post picked up on my garbage-trucks-on-10th-Street story... and with the classic headline: "This is why the East Village smells so disgusting."

They spoke with an upset neighbor:

“This is a neighborhood, not a city parking lot,” said outraged East Village condo owner, Michele Matthewman, 50. “I don’t pay the property tax I do to walk out my door to this putrid smell. It’s offensive.”

“We weren’t given any kind of heads up. Nothing,” griped Matthewman, who started a petition to get rid of the trucks that already has 100 signatures. “It’s insanity and it’s just not acceptable.”

Previously on EV Grieve:
Questions and concerns as the sanitation department begins using 10th Street to park garbage trucks


cmarrtyy said...

And still no word from our fearless leader Ms Rivera... The EV held hostage... day 6...

Giovanni said...

It’s amazing that the Dept of Sanitation doesn't have a better plan to store their garbage trucks by now, but they are not completely to blame. They had planned to build a nice new state of the art Sanitation garage that would handle 170 trucks on 25th street near the FDR, but Waterside, Peter Cooper, StuyTown, Dan Garodnick and finally DeBlasio (right before the 2017 election) ganged up to derail the project. This means the garage which was slated to open in 2020 probably wont be open until much later — try 2025 or 2030. Multiple alternate sites were examined o even te past few years,, including near the ConEd plant,the Upper East Side and near the UN, but none were either available for sale or suitable for other reasons,. This debate has dragged on now for 5 years and is nowhere near being resolved. And that’s because nobody wants a Sanitation garage anywhere near their property, yet everyone’s building generates a ton of garbage

Neighbor said...

Is there a petition we can sign or a mailing / calling campaign we can join? This is absolutely unbelievable. I don't live on this block but I really want to help and think it's terrible these people are dealing with this. Someone should set up a site with a form letter and calling script to use to make it easier to call the mayor, our reps, our councilwoman, etc. We must be able to fight this for our neighbors.

Anonymous said...

More ways to complain -

City Council Representative Carlina Rivera

Call weekly - 212-677-1077

Mayor’s Dept of Community Affairs

Submit complaints weekly

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer

Email weekly –

311: File complaints weekly either by phone

Dept of Sanitation

Submit complaints weekly