Friday, September 21, 2018

Here's your Marshalls signage on East Houston

The Marshalls signage is now (mostly) visible over at 197 E. Houston between Ludlow and Orchard...

As noted on Monday, this location of the off-price department store chain opens on Oct. 4 at 8 a.m. in the retail space directly next to Katz's. Marshalls joins Equinox as the two retail tenants in the base of Ben Shaoul's condoplex built partly with gold-dusted bricks imported from Cadaqués.

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Making way for Ben Shaoul's new retail-residential complex on East Houston

Katz's is now the last business on East Houston between Ludlow and Orchard

Marshalls opening next month in Ben Shaoul's luxury condoplex on East Houston Street

The Grand Opening for Marshalls on East Houston is now Oct. 4


Scuba Diva said...

Nobody ever told Ben Shaoul that you can't polish a turd. No matter how much gold dust you put on it, it's still a turd.

JQ LLC said...

@Scuba and EV

Ben's masonry inspiration: