Monday, September 17, 2018

The Grand Opening for Marshalls on East Houston is now Oct. 4

Signs arrived over the weekend next to Katz's on East Houston about the grand opening for Marshalls... now apparently set for Oct. 4, one week later than previously announced...

As we first noted last month, the off-price sellers were set to open on Sept. 27 next door to Katz's in Ben Shaoul's hand-laid, gilded-bronze brick condoplex between Ludlow and Orchard streets.



It appears the entrance to Marshalls will be directly next door to Katz's...

This property on East Houston previously housed a single row of storefronts, including Ray's Pizza, Bereket and Lobster Joint.

H/T Mike Stuto!

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Brian said...

That good old "hand-laid gilded bronze brick." Good old "hand-laid gilded bronze brick." Ben Shaouls, "hand-laid gilded bronze brick."

JQ LLC said...

Interesting that in such a fabricated and inflated real estate market area that the East Village has become, that three discount clothing stores have set up shop there.

DrGecko said...

Discount clothing stores in a neighborhood that used to be full of discount fabric stores.

Two things have changed:
(1) Supply lines go all the way to the 3rd world (hence, chain stores)
(2) Women don't typically spend their lives making clothes for their families.

EJ said...

Just seeing Bereket's name is a blow to the heart. I miss their lentil soup.

Brian said...

OMG, I loved that soup with pita and a lemon wedge! (And a gyro.)

Anonymous said...

This is sad. Orchard Street was once the vibrant hub for discount clothing, and was wiped out by shifting demographics, greed (on the part of landlords), and the bar culture.

Essex Crossing will be the end of what's left on the south of Grand Street side.

So much for preserving the neighborhood.