Sunday, September 23, 2018

Week in Grieview

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Questions and concerns as the sanitation department begins using 10th Street to park garbage trucks (Tuesday)

After 32 years on 4th Street, Cucina di Pesce will close after service on Sunday (Friday)

Remembering Hurricane Maria 1 year later (Thursday)

The East River Park Track appears to be back in action (Tuesday)

Nightmare scenario for residents who learn that 14th Street and Avenue A will be the main staging area for the L-train reconstruction (Monday) ... Town Hall provides a few more details on the 24/7 construction at 14th and A (Tuesday)

Tuck Shop is closing after 13 years on 1st Street (Wednesday)

This week's NY See strip (Friday)

A flyer about protected bike lanes on 12th Street and 13th Street ahead of the L-train shutdown (Thursday)

'The Image Is a Seed' — Celebrating the work of Syeus Mottel on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday)

City Council committees vote down spot zoning for proposed hotel next to the Merchant's House (Thursday)

Report: Collision on 2nd Avenue at 9th Street leaves 69-year-old man in critical condition (Friday)

A look at the boutique office building replacing the St. Denis on 11th and Broadway (Tuesday)

Classic films at 7: Ciao for Now Presents 'Third Thursdays' this fall (Wednesday)

Here's your Marshalls signage on East Houston (Friday)

Sauce Pizzeria opens (Thursday)

[A moment on 5th Street via Derek Berg]

Brick Lane Curry House announces itself with fiery red awning at new 2nd Avenue location (Friday)

Whatever happened to... Sammy's Halal? (Monday)

Pumpkins spotting (Thursday)

Getting 511 E. 5th St. ready for new grilled pizza venture from Emmy Squared's owners (Monday)

Convicted felon Steve Croman featured on CNBC's 'American Greed' (Monday)


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