Sunday, September 30, 2018

A fall day to remove the Winter Flowers from La Plaza Cultural

Garden volunteers today (around 10 a.m.) will start removing the Winter Flowers from along the Ninth Street side of La Plaza Cultural at Avenue C.

Rolando Politi started creating these handmade sculptures — best seen in the winter — from discarded materials here in 2000. The collection has grown to 244.

Here's what's happening, via the La Plaza e-newsletter: "Some will go to other gardens, some into storage. They have to come down in part because we're getting a new (and sturdier, more permanent) fence next year."

Volunteers likely won't get to all the work today, focusing on the sculptures that need restoration.

The flowers will remain along Avenue C...

In December, Politi is publishing a book of his work titled "Winter Flowers" ...

You may email Politi here to reserve a copy of the book.

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