Monday, February 6, 2023

The former Commodities space is now for rent on 1st Avenue

Photo by Steven

A for-lease sign now hangs in the front window of the former Commodities.

On Jan. 12the landlord took legal possession of 165 First Ave. just north of 10th Street — which had been home to Commodities for 30 years. 

There was hope for a reprieve, though that didn't happen here. Workers were spotted dismantling fixtures the following week... now comes the leasing notice. (Per the listing, the rent is available upon request for the ground floor, which measures 2,100 square feet... plus a similar-sized basement.)

New owners took over the business in January 2019 and changed the name to Commodities Health Foods from Commodities Natural Market.

Michael Hughes opened Commodities here in 1993. Hughes and his wife Audra opened an outpost in Vermont in 2015


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for a smoke shop! This block has been itching for one! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

7:54 good one 😂

Jason Won said...
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Anonymous said...

7:54 - actually, there already is a smoke shop in the area but I don’t remember where I saw it. Ask Siri.

marjorie said...

The prices on non-bulk items were notably more expensive than Whole Foods (which has by far the cheapest eggs in the neighborhood, btw — see for yourself) and the fresh produce was mostly mediocre to bad. (They refrigerated the tomatoes! DO NOT REFRIGERATE YOUR TOMATOES!) Plus for the most part, I did not like the energy in there. (Sorry to sound like a hippie, but it's a natural foods store, gimme a break.)

I concur with the Jan 12 post about the awesomeness of Dual (or Duals — they seem to vary their own name), which doesn't carry ALL THE THINGS but the things they DO carry are terrific and very reasonably priced. The spice section is unparalleled. And the folks there are lovely.

Allan Yashin said...

If you have $23,000 a month for rent, the space is yours….verified by call to agent.

Anonymous said...

$23,000!? That’s about how much more I’ll be paying for a big Dr Bronners elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It’s steep..but the East Village isnt Elsewhere

sophocles said...

I have to agree with Marjorie, the new management was awkward at best. They did not reimagine or even sustain the old Commodities. With rents being what they are you need to be ready for primetime when you open ...

Pennys herb co said...

They got a good run-30 years♥️
I knew the original owners they had another one in TriBeCa.

Options we still have🥑🍁
Whole Foods-
East village organic-
4th st co op-
Trader Joe’s-
Farmers market union square-
Tompkins square farmers marker. Sundays-