Monday, August 14, 2017

DBGB has closed, and erased from the Bowery

As announced, DBGB shut down after service on Friday following eight years in the Avalon Bowery complex between First Street and East Houston Street.

"In this location, it’s busy on weekends but erratic in the early part of the week," chef-owner Daniel Boulud told The New York Times. "I hope to find a more appropriate space for it in New York."

On Saturday morning, workers (above) were prepping to clean out the space on the Bowery ... and by the end of the day on Saturday...

... and a last look at the former sidewalk cafe (for case Boulud decides to do something else with the space)...

For now, three of the five retails spaces in this Avalon Bowery section are vacant as DBGB joins L'Apico and Tatyana Boutique as former tenants.

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Unknown said...

When the new minimun wage and overtime laws went into effect it was a death knell for NYC restaurants
There have been so many high profile closings and more to come

Anonymous said...

The not yet completely gentrified Bowery still has something helping to keep big money retail and restaurants from succeeding.

Anonymous said...

Take care now. Can't say I'll miss seeing this place or all that blithering claptrap printed on the windows.

Anonymous said...

BS 9:10am. Where are all these restaurants gonna move to, Altoona, PA?

They need to be in NYC so they'll pay the NYC minimum wage.

You Trump supporter.

xanten said...

August 14, 2017 at 9:10 AM, yeah,I guess preposterous NYC commercial rents have nothing to do with 'high profile' closings of restaurants (no matter how often owners cite it as issue). It's only 'new minimum wage an overtime laws' that are the culprit. Numbskull.