Friday, August 25, 2017

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival comes to Tompkins Square Park on Sunday

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival is now underway ... and the annual tribute to the eponymous late saxophonist comes to Tompkins Square Park for a free show Sunday from 3-7 p.m.

The Joshua Redman Quartet headlines a slate that also features “Sweet Poppa Lou” Donaldson, Tia Fuller and Alicia Olatuja. (Read the bios of the performers here.)

This is the 25th anniversary of the Festival, which each year coincides with Parker's birthday.

Parker, who died in 1955 at age 34, lived at 151 Avenue B from 1950-54.


Unknown said...

True summer's end classic!

Anonymous said...

This is exciting!!! Does this event get super crowded? How early should i get there to secure a seat?

IzF said...

Believe it or not,in my almost 3 decades of living here in the EV I've never attended this event and am planning to go on Sunday.

Giovanni said...

This is the best Tompkins Square Park event of the year, but last year some newbies Ran into some problems due to not understanding some basic dos and don'ts of attending a public even. Here is a cheat sheet for the clueless newbies:

DO come early and get a good seat up front or a nice spot on the grass in the back
DONT come late, stand in front of seated peoples faces and start dancing like you are the only one in the world who matters.
DO obey orders from security when they ask you to sit your ass down
DONT argue with security, forcing them to bring in the NYPD to escort you out
DO respect the people who came early and let them enjoy the show
DONT lie to the cops by telling them that you are being harassed by other people when it is you causing the ruckus
DO leave the area when the cops tell you your behavior is socially unacceptable
DONT try sneaking back in and dancing in front of people faces, forcing the cops to come eject you all over again

DO enjoy the show everyone, and DONT be "that person."

Eden Bee said...

It gets really packed!

Unknown said...


Walter said...

For many people who have little or no disposable income, this is one of the few opportunities to enjoy world class performers for free.
Get there early and make a day of it.
And a big ditto to what Giovanni said.

IzF said...

Thanks for the info Giovanni!
I am particularly excited to see Lou Donaldson!!!!

2ndAveSilverPanther said...

Giovanni, man, you are a neighborhood treasure. I agree with 99% of your observations, as I appreciate and can verify hood events for the past 40 years. Re: this particular event, that is one of our few remaining world-class artistic events occurring yearly FOR FREE!, last year I was almost "that guy" who engages in violence, turning a very sweet afternoon very sour. After enjoying hours of amazing music, my wife and I were enthralled as Jack DeJohnette and other MAJOR players were starting the day's final set. A band o' bros felt it was perfectly OK to stroll in front of us who had been seated in the sun for hours, because.....well, I don't know why they thought that was OK. My inner Mike Tyson roared to the front of my being, and I bellowed "Yo, move, this is not gonna happen!" Most of the group sheepishly moved, but one jerk just turned and smiled at me. I was standing to deal with this fool, as my wife tugged on my arm, and I felt eyes turning to the old Black man about to go off. I felt bad as I saw musicians onstage noticing the budding disturbance. Fortunately, jerky Chad, decided to be reasonable, told me to "chill out", and sat on the ground, no longer obstructing anyones view, This wonderful event deserves to be stress and hassle-free, and enjoyed by New Yorkers old and new.

Giovanni said...

@2ndAveSilverPanther. Glad to hear that cooler heads prevailed. I don't get why people think they can show up late and just stand right in front of of everyone else, but that's reality. Hope the newbies read my helpful guide before they show up and cause a commotion. Last year there were 2 girls who showed up late and rudely barged in front of everyone, dancing in thier faces. There was a big commotion that the cops had come in and settle. People need to learn that not every event is an Animal House frat party. There's enough drama in jazz already, so lets leave the drama at home and enjoy what is some of the best music in the park all year.

Anonymous said...

People drink, get high, trip....there will always that part of our peeps who do not good shit, INCLUDING kids from out of town. But it was always that way. First concert in this park was Elephant's memory in 1968...think it was...people doing all sorts of whacky and rude stuff...but that was a different park.