Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse in the Park (and elsewhere)

Photos in Tompkins Square Park by Steven...


Felton Davis was set up in his usual spot on Third Street and Second Avenue...

Photos by Frank Franca...


On St. Mark's Place via @cybergal99 ...


Peter Brownscombe shared these from 11th Street...


and the moment inspired some eclipse 'ku...

a crowd in the park
she shares her eclipse glasses
with a tall stranger

after the eclipse
a garbage can overflows
with pin-hole boxes

Jeffrey Rabkin


Anonymous said...

Why didn't anyone walk to the east side river park? I visited there for a couple of hours via the overpass on E6th and through the walkway against the river. Not many people were out. The views were spectacular.

Anonymous said...

prick your finger
it is done
the moon has now eclipsed the sun
the angel has spread its wings
the time has come for bitter things

Scuba Diva said...

Was anyone out there singing Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Anonymous said...

Scuba Diva,

When asked why I wasn't outside this afternoon I merely said that having already experienced a total eclipse of the heart I couldn't bear to undergo one of the sun.

Also, "So what? There's a little black spot on the sun today. Same old thing as yesterday."

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person in NYC if not on the entire East Coast who didn't give a fuck about the solar eclipse?

Let's put on special glasses to look up at the moon blocking the sun. Whatever. I saw it on tv.

Can someone create a Trump eclipse?

JQ LLC said...

Our president looked up at the eclipse, twice, from the balcony of the White House and then announced that he was sending more troops to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan, but mostly to rid the lucrative mountains of rare earth minerals for the next upgrades of samsung and apple phones of the Taliban and ISIS splinter groups

Not east village or NYC related, but I thought it should be mentioned.