Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fair Folks & a Goat leaving 11th Street

Fair Folks & a Goat, the coffee shop and boutique on 11th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue, is closing its East Village location at the end of the month.

An EVG reader shared an email from FF&G, which is owned by the husband-wife team of Aurora and Anthony Mazzei. The email read in part:

It has been our absolute pleasure to be a part of the East Village community over these past years at Fair Folks on 11th Street. We have built memories for a lifetime with you all, in a vibrant neighborhood that we continue, personally, to call our home. As for the shop, we're so excited to see you all over at our original location at 96 West Houston, where things are buzzing. ... We've decided not to continue our lease, and close the doors for the final time at our East Village location on August 31st.

The shop, which offers a $35 monthly membership for unlimited coffee, opened in 2014.

After this closure, there will be four empty storefronts in a row here on the block. Anna left after April while Odin and Pas de Deux closed after February.

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Anonymous said...

I live on the block and still do not understand what they sell or how they are still open.

Anonymous said...

The rent is too high and the prices at these stores were too high for most of us. That's why they are gone. Besides, anyone with money now shops on Amazon. In my building alone on 11th street, there are often at least 7-8 boxes from that company per week in a smallish building with only 8 units. New residents do not shop locally; most of them even get their food online from Fresh Direct, Pea Pod, Plated, Blue Apron and others. They do it all from their phones. Why claim you love the neighborhood? You aren't even (really) living here in the full community sense. It's very disturbing, but they see no problem with it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jared Kushner.

Anonymous said...

Responding to the Amazon comment: how is it that landlords don't realize if they jack the rent up too high, stores will close and nobody will fill the spot b/c people buy from the internet? This proves that capitalism is neither logical or rational: if it were the landlords would be doing everything they could to keep tenants.

cmarrtyy said...

Besides the high rent and the boring businesses... that stretch of 11th is unattractive and dirty... Not one of those shop owners ever went out to sweep the sidewalk and pick up trash. And Veniero's is the worst with their trash filling up the gutters. Have some pride in your businesses people!

Anonymous said...

Look at the complaints filed in the building and you will know part of the reason they are leaving.