Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dec. 1 date set for Boris & Horton, Avenue A's new dog cafe

As we first reported last month, Boris & Horton, billed as "New York's first dog friendly coffee shop and community space," is coming to the former Ost Cafe and Raclette spaces on Avenue A at 12th Street.

The cafe made New York magazine's fall-opening listings. (The tentative opening date is Dec. 1, per New York.)

Here's what the magazine had to say in the preview: "Logan Holzman and her father, Coppy, the founder of Charity Buzz, will open this dog café in late fall, where canines can play while their humans hang out and sip wine or coffee. Logan has an animal-rescue background, so she also hopes Boris & Horton (named for the Holzmans’ dogs) will host adoption events."

Boris & Horton has a teaser site up with a little more info about the owners.

[Screengrab from the Boris & Horton website]

DNAinfo reported that the space will be divided by a glass wall into two sections per Department of Health rules. There's a cafe side with food and drinks ... with a dog-friendly side that will sell pet supplies.

Ost Cafe closed in February after nine years in business. Their owners said that it had "become too expensive to stay open any longer." (The Grand Street location is still in service.) Raclette moved from its 14-seat space on A around the corner to the former Northern Spy on 12th Street last fall.


JQ LLC said...

Yeah, the dogs are just going to sit still and there will only be white customers (well, the latter may be right) Good luck with this, owners and the LLC backing you.

Anonymous said...

I live on 12th Street between A and B and I believe it must be one of the most popular blocks for people to walk their dogs in the neighborhood which I can tell you has it downside. Not every dog owner is good about picking up after their dog and for some reason people think it is ok to drag their dog into the tree wells on the block, most of which have plants and flowers and are tended by members of the block association. Don't call me a dog hater cause I am not, but the huge increase of people moving to the neighborhood most of which have at least one dog has really upped the poop levels on our block. This place will be a magnet for dog owners who will most likely take fido for a walk down our block, I just hope they are considerate of those that live here.

Anonymous said...

Dumbest idea ever.

corinlines said...

I love this idea! I miss OST and this will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Koneko Cat Cafe seems to do very well on Clinton - Since the EV is such a dog friendly place I expect this place will do very well!

Anonymous said...

I am a dog owner and I don't get why fellow dog owners think it is okay to let their dogs pee and poop in the protected areas around the trees on the block. I have seen people pick up their dogs and place them right in there. The point of the fences is to protect the trees!

Anonymous said...

Douchebag who thinks Dane Cook is still a thing with his untucked rumpled shirt sticking his legs out (and not eating or buying anything) - CHECK!

Cheapskate on a laptop nursing an unseen coffee so she can get near free office space for an hour - CHECK!

Asshole with his arms behind his back and stretched back - CHECK!

That pic looks like rich white hipster who thinks he/she is in the living room back home hell personified.

'Love the black woman and the other non-white in the place in the far left corner.

JQ LLC said...

I did not notice the black woman or non-white. Token Diversity and Vibrancy in action-Check.