Saturday, August 19, 2017

On the fence about this rat capture

In today's red-tailed hawk action... Christo and Dora's 2017 offspring, nicknamed Manhattan (or 10, for being their 10th hawklet), captured a rat. (Not sure is this is her first solo grab.)

As Steven, who shared these photos noted, she then crashed into a Park fence ...

Momentarily stunned, Manhattan stayed in this position for several minutes, then flew off again with the rat.


Anonymous said...

Some hawklets get ecstatic about being able to fly. I was buzzed by one that went between me and the bush that was four feet away. One raised arm, and I would have been telling you about how I collected some hawk feathers instead of how I was buzzed. Of course, when that hawk landed in a tree, I swear it had a self-satisfied grin all over it's face!

Eden Bee said...

Great pics!