Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Something finally happening at the former Gotham Pizza

[Photo via EVG reader Laura K.]

Brown paper has arrived in the front windows at Gotham Pizza, the first activity at the space since the pizzeria closed late last August here on Third Avenue and 12th Street.

Workers are now demolishing the interior... and how...

[Interior pics via Steven]

One of the workers told EVG interior demolition corespondent Steven that the space was going to be a Chinese restaurant. There isn't any other proof of this at the moment.

Anyway, the storefront adjacent to multiple dorms (NYU, New School and Cooper Union) has been vacant since Gotham's demise. There hasn't even been a for-rent sign.

Before Gotham, we had the one, the only...

H/T Laura K., Steven and @JCooper911!

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Anonymous said...

Miss this place. For $5 two serviceable NYC slices and a med. soda.

Anonymous said...

We need another Chinese restaurant here like we need another coffee shop...There are so many now on 2nd and 3rd Aves, one closes every time anew one opens.

Anonymous said...

A strange location for Chinese restaurant, unless Han Dynasty is expanding into the space (and the adjacent newsstand/coffeeshop/greek taco shop), which would make sense. There are three other chinese restaurants within 50 feet, which another post correctly points out close and reopen every 6 months

Anonymous said...

This is almost like a crazy joke! They're opening a Chinese restaurant immediately NEXT to Han Dynasty, and just a few doors from Hunan Bistro - with a recently-failed Chinese restaurant in between?

Do Chinese restaurants only travel as a flock??