Thursday, August 15, 2019

Upscale nail salon casualty on 13th Street

Côte, "a luxurious nail care destination," has closed its outpost on 13th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue, per EVG reader Laura K.

No word from ownership about the closure... no note for patrons. The place was just suddenly gone.

This was the first NYC location for the L.A.-based business, opening here in August 2017.


Anonymous said...

This sounds curmudgeony, but I'm kind of glad it's gone. The prices there were absolutely insane compared to other local shops - $30+ for a 15 minute mani, I believe - and it was almost always empty. Super small, targeted clientele that would be better served in Tribeca.

Au revoir. Hope something more community-centric comes back to that spot

Anonymous said...

It didn't make it in that location b/c we're not that kind of neighborhood (yet). Too expensive, too yup-scale.What they thought was welcoming was actually kind of off-putting.