Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Night Music signage arrives on 7th Street

The Night Music signage has arrived at 111 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue ... where Ravi DeRossi is opening a vegan Indian restaurant, as we noted back in June.

In an email, DeRossi said that they were still a few weeks away from an opening date.

Night Music takes the place of his Fire & Water, where the vegan sushi and dim sum concept didn't catch on. The restaurant is next door to Ladybird, another vegetable-friendly DeRossi establishment.


twittoris said...

The sushi place was open for about 2 days. It really must have sucked.

KPL said...

The food at fire and water was really good, the chinese menu at least (all I tried). The chef (Tony, Ravi's og corporate chef) who created the concept and who was supposed to run the restaurant passed away. It was hard for the team to pull together after that (from what I understand and have read). He was great at Avant Garden too, RIP.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the place isn't actually about live music! I feel like the nabe can always use more of that.