Friday, August 23, 2019

Oh oh it's Magic: Signage arrives for the new 99¢ shop on Avenue A

[The OLD sign at 47 Avenue A]

The signage arrived yesterday for the mystery discount shop that opened at 47 Avenue A between Third Street and Fourth Street back on June 24.

The awning for the previous business, Avenue A Copy Center & Shipping Outlet, had remained above the storefront these past two months. No more, though. Please welcome 99¢ and Up Magic Deals to the neighborhood...

Upon its opening, we were told that this was a 99¢ shop ... though became naturally suspicious when most of the items we window shopped were clearly more expensive than 99¢.

This name offers plenty of wiggle room for the owners, said to be related to the nice folks who run Essex Card Shop at 39 Avenue A (as long as they actually have items for 99¢).

Anyway, as the new sign shows, the store carries a variety of housewares and toiletries. A further investigation is likely necessary.

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