Monday, August 26, 2019

Check in: Moxy East Village closer to opening

In developments happening in and around the Moxy East Village on 11th Street... for starters, the sidewalk is now open in the front of the 13-story hotel from the Marriott portfolio here between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

The Tao Group, which is running the food-drink establishments for the Moxy, is hiring... with a open call today (Monday, Aug. 26) ...

Plans include a lobby bar and café, a 2,600-square-foot rooftop bar and a French-Mediterranean restaurant from chef Jason Hall.

And here's a look at the 286-room hotel lighting up the EV night...

Reservations are now being accepted for dates this fall — we spotted the first one available starting on Sept. 19.

The foundation work got underway here in August 2017. Workers demolished the five residential buildings that stood here in the fall of 2016.

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[112-120 E. 11th St. photo from May 2016]


dwg said...

Bringing absolutely nothing positive to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a place I can take all my bros to!


Anonymous said...

I don't think the bros will be welcome here - this is a place for transnationals, eurotrash, the people who shop all day for clothes to wear out at night and achieve deviated septums.

Anonymous said...

Gross. Hotel chain CEO is a De Blasio donor and appointee to the city economic development corporation-surprise.

Rent regulated tenement apartments torn down for this, thanks to the Mayor.

Giovanni said...

It’s time for another look at the many glowing reviews for The Moxy Times Square, straight from the Marriott website:

Worst Hotel ever
I visited New York recently and decided to stay at the Moxy NY Time Square but it was the worst mistake ever. I stayed at the hotel with a party of three and our A/C never worked properly which we complained about to the Moxy staff and they assured us the problem had been fixed. What they should have done after the second complaint is offer to move us to another room but that did not happen. We also complained about need fresh bath towel, which I was told on one occasion to go to the "Stash" closet and get my own towels. Also, the staff was the rudest I have ever seen and not professional at all. I will never stay at this hotel again.

Don’t Stay If You Want To Sleep
The music for the rooftop bar was nonstop and the base made the fixtures on the walls vibrate. It was too much, even for NYC.

Usually we can depend on Marriott to be a good place to stay. The Moxy is more focused on being trendy then providing a place that guest can comfortably stay at. Only 2 of the 4 elevators carried guest to their room. The third elevator was used for the club and I have no idea what the 4th one was used for. The button system was locked down so that you used your key to access the panel to choose your floor ( security I guess). The rooms are really only for 1 person on an overnight stay. The bed placement had you crawling over your partner to get out of the bed. The clothes storage were pegs on the wall. The sink was in the room with limited space for personal belongings. There was barely a place to charge your devices and no table in case you needed to do work. The shower was so loud that watching tv in the bed area was impossible. I guess if you were using the hotel as a place to "hook up" then the room would be ok (which would explain the people hanging out in the lobby at 10pm), but this is not the hotel for you if you plan to stay more than one night. This stay makes me leary of another Marriott hotel.

You Can Find Better
Poorly staffed & unprofessional. Call placed to front desk must’ve rang at least 15 times before someone picked up. No buttons inside elevators. Believe when I say you will be riding floors since room key doesn’t always acknowledge your floor. Long wait at Moxy bar for drink. 3 bartenders on duty & no regard for 1 paying customer (no one else waiting) Slow service. Friend experienced same in the morning when getting coffee. Bathrooms by Moxy bar are hook up areas for couples coming down from Magic Hour rooftop bar on top of hotel. Rooms are smaller than college dorms. Website pics are made to look wider. No desk, chair or ironing board. Room bathroom has frosted door & is totally see thru. Can see into other guest rooms while walking thru hall/floor. Can totally find a nicer NYC stay than this.

Anonymous said...

ONLY a 2,600 square foot booze roof? No chance of excessive neighborhood noise from that, is there?

NYC: busy throwing quality-of-life away as fast as it can.

Anonymous said...

the Moxy along with Webster Hall and Amsterdam Billiards makes 11th street a block to avoid at all costs!

Anonymous said...

Embrace da horror!

Anonymous said...

@11:27am: Yep, NYC has allowed - and encouraged - that block of 11th St. to be a no-go zone for the average person, ignoring all input from people who live here year-round.

That block of 11th is shaping up as being a "ghetto" block where you only go there for booze, drug use and "raving". Should keep the 9th Pct. busy, if they can be bothered.

Anonymous said...

@giovanni I’m doubtful most checking into a Moxy hotel are doing so for luxury, amenities or superlative service but rather easy hookups, alcohol, availability of drugs and ikea level decor flop house... oh the smell of Axe Body Spray, desperation and vomit

Anonymous said...

What a shit show. I am glad I don't live near this street. The noise and groups of people will turn this place into South Beach. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Had high hopes for Mayor de Blasio. Truly believed he cared about Bloomberg's destruction of NYC neighborhoods, housing, local business etc.
But the Rivington and this made it clear that de Blasio is just another supporter of luxury real estate...

Anonymous said...

What's the verdict on the new Webster Hall? Better/same/worse?