Monday, August 19, 2019

First rentals arrive on the market at Sioné, the new luxury building at 171 Suffolk (aka 255 E. Houston)

[Photo from Friday]

Rentals are underway at Sioné, Samy Mahfar's new luxury development at 255 E. Houston St./171 Suffolk St.

We received an email about "preliminary VIP tours" beginning yesterday at the 14-floor building. (Per the invite: "As we work to finish the building, we urge that you refrain from bringing children, strollers and or pets on the building tour.")

A new rendering and rental invitation is now on Streeteasy...

Here's what to expect:

Conceived by renowned architect Stephen B. Jacobs the Sioné is an eclectic fusion of the grit of the lower east side realized by a sophisticated partnership of professionals, bringing together a vision of art, culture, architecture, and distinguished living.

Common areas are abundant throughout and seek to satisfy a wide range of ever-growing needs. Upon entering the building, residents are greeted by a lobby lounge complete with game tables and a communal workspace with fireside seating. A double height staircase leads to a residents’ lounge featuring a private screening room, kitchenette, game room with billiards, and foosball.

Perched atop the Sioné sits a 14th floor residents’ lounge with a dynamic combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. Outside, a beautifully appointed landscaped rooftop outfitted with lounge chairs for sunbathing, misting shower, outdoor screening by the fire, private dining, and BBQ stations, ensure residents’ comfort and enjoyment at the Sioné is paramount to all else.

The Sioné also boasts a state-of-the-art gym and fitness facility, outfitted with the latest in techno gym and Peleton equipment for residents to engage in a plethora of the latest programmed classes. The Sioné ensures every opportunity for its residents to pursue a holistic approach to their work, play, and overall quality of life.

There are four rentals listed at Streeteasy, including a studio for $3,528 and a two bedroomer for $6,795.

[Suffolk Street entrance]

As previously noted, there's a lot of backstory with this development, which has been in the works since at least 2011. The links below have more details on the project, which went from 10 to 14 floors.

One questions remains: How many affordable units will be available in this complex? As the Lo-Down reported in December 2017: "Mahfar had already received 421a tax breaks to build some affordable units, but he was also seeking a floor area bonus through the city’s inclusionary housing program."

No. 255 previously housed the day-care center Action for Progress, which was forced to evacuate in 2009 after construction on the condoplex next door destabilized the building.

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Sioné is the name of Samy Mahfar's residential building at 255 E. Houston St.

[EVG photo of No. 255 from 2012]


Anonymous said...

Another dorm. These real estate folks know their demographic

DrGecko said...

So, we when go in - sorry, "upon entering the building" - we're "greeted by a lobby lounge complex." Is that some kind of robotic room that says "Welcome"?

And then we have the "rooftop" which "ensure [sic]" that our comfort and enjoyment is "paramount to all else" (what does "paramount to" even mean?)

And we have sophisticated amenities like ... foosball.

This prose is the equivalent of granite countertops and overpriced Viking appliances duct-taped onto cheapshit gypsum wallboard.

So - probably accurate.

Anonymous said...

Uh...almost $4k for a 200sq studio. And there's not even space in the kitchen for a table.

Gojira said...

What an utter crock of shit. And seriously, the blurb hack is so unfamiliar with the area s/he doesn't even know to capitalize Lower East Side?

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for this specific building but often with this type of luxury-squalor all those amenities are available at additional charge - so if you want to BBQ its $60 an hour -

Anonymous said...

What is a "sophisticated partnership"? Sounds like a complicated legal arrangement. Clearly, "sophisticated professionals" are not behind this mess of lounges and game tables.

Anonymous said...

Assisted living for the young and able.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:40 - "luxury-squalor" - I like that. A perfect description for the Houston Horridor.

noble neolani said...

What an ugly Shiamé

Scuba Diva said...

I look at all of these state-of-the-art buildings as the slums of the future.

Sarah said...

Let's not forget what Mahfar did to rent-stabilized tenants nearby:

Anonymous said...

I've lived down the street for the past 10 years and the description of this building is laughable ( eclectic fusion of the grit of the lower east side realized by a sophisticated partnership of professionals..). This is another overpriced under-quality building dropped on E Houston where they can make them taller to get more profit. Why bother to sound special when you can look down E Houston and see a whole lineup of this crap. Good luck to the folks who find themselves attracted to this type of building.