Sunday, August 25, 2019

Carb loading: This morning in meals for the pigeons in Tompkins Square Park

Someone today decided to toss a bag of cooked pasted (with lemons) into Tompkins Square Park along Avenue A this morning. For the pigeons, though they don't seem too terribly interested at the moment.

So maybe all the bread dumped here in the past was just an appetizer for the main course?

Thanks to Vinny & O for the photo.


Anonymous said...

One of the Hawks died from secondary poisoning a few weeks ago.

It's actions like these which indirectly cause that. Although I am sure the individual throwing out this food had good intentions of feeding the birds, it ultimately becomes food for rats.

Anonymous said...

The rats have to eat too !

Anonymous said...

I just hate it when people throw unwanted food on the street, on sidewalks, in the park. What is wrong with them? They can't find a trash receptacle/garbage bin?


Anonymous said...

Many think a homeless person will eat it.

Anonymous said...

For years, one of the restaurants on the west side of the park has repeatedly dumped pasta, bread and gallons of cooked food garbage on that side of Tompkins Square Park at night when they close.

I would often see dumped cooked restaurant-size piles of food garbage in the morning when I ran around the park. I complained several times to the then-manager of the park, but to no avail. The park manager told me they could do nothing unless I had proof (photos? videos?) of people dumping food over the fence into the park.

The nadir was the vat of leftover lamb stew, complete with a cooked lamb scull sawed in half lengthwise. I was so incensed that I ran into the park manager's office and screamed at them to do something. They said they would clean it up.

That was several years ago. The restaurant continues to dump its garbage in the park.

Jose Garcia said...

It looks like it could be the Spaghetti Limone from Supper. Maybe someone just accidently dropped it and for whatever reason didn't stop to clean it up.

Scuba Diva said...

The worst thing is that nobody seems to know that bread isn't good for birds. It's better to compost it; what birds need is seed.

I'm so sick of seeing the food garbage on Avenue A every Sunday, I have to ignore it. Someone is too lazy to join the compost program which was created for you, restaurants!

At least this E.V. Grieve feature is drawing attention to the problem!

Anonymous said...

This is the type of carpetbagging business owner who was welcomed into the neighborhood under Mayor Bloomberg and is still being welcomed. Dragging down "quality of life" for residents, to use Giuliani's infamous coinage, while using our neighborhood park for a dumping ground. Given the length of time this has gone on, the restaurant responsible should be fined out of existence.