Wednesday, August 28, 2019

An LES coffee casualty

A for rent sign now hangs in the front window at 182 Allen St., bringing an end to this outpost of Hedgehog Coffee between Houston and Stanton.

There wasn't any notice about a closure at the shop or online. Hedgehog only arrived at this narrow space last August, taking over for the Swedish espresso bar Konditori.

Hedgehog Coffee also has a location in Park Slope.


Brian Van said...

I know Konditori held this space for a while, but it was always very quiet there, and before that there was a TON of churn in this space, so I believe it to be cursed. It's too bad someone can't run something here that better ties in with Rockwood or the hotel, because sadly that'll just create more traffic on the street in the off-hours, and there are residences nearby (I never quite bought into the argument that this part of the street needs to be very quiet - it's already not-at-all quiet at night from all the car traffic - but the locals would like it to be quiet & Epstein's is already a big pain to them)

Choresh Wald said...

Maybe when the redesign of the street will be installed with the new bus lane some passenger car traffic will be cut and the street will be more quiet. The sidewalk at this spot is also very narrow which is not attractive for people to walk on. Lastly, the protected bike lane needs to be extended all the way up to the intersection, right now it disappears mid block just when you arrive at a dangerous intersection.

Anonymous said...

I'm always surprised when any business can stay alive on Allen between Houston and Delancey. I've seen businesses come and go. The only constant seems to be BlueStockings.

DrGecko said...

I like hedgehogs, but they didn't have any in there, they'd never had any as customers, and they didn't have any accommodations for them (I asked).

I don't like being fooled like that.