Friday, September 5, 2008

More change coming soon to the Bowery?

East Village Podcasts brings the news that the Salvation Army’s East Village Residence at 1 E. Third St. at the Bowery is closed. EVP reports: "We can confirm that we have absolutely no confirmation of a destructive demise for the residence, but we did try to call the number on the door’s sign for more info and received the Army’s voicemail replete with lilting British Isles accent."

Meanwhile, I have taken a solemn oath not to end posts with sarcastic asides such as, "Expect a [Duane Reade, Bank of America branch, PinkBerry, dessert bar, Dunkin' Donuts, 24 Hour Fitness with Derek Jeter, etc., etc.] soon. So I'll let EVP do the work for me with their headline on the post: "Salvation Army Leaves, Wine Bar Next?"


Unknown said...

No sarcasm? Then fall Caesar.

Anonymous said...

I think my last two sarcastic asides turned out to be true!

Anyway! My solemn oathes usually only last 10-15 minutes.