Thursday, August 5, 2010

Into thin air: Pretzel maker removing 'too thin' ads

As you may recall last Thursday, we posted this photo from EV Grieve reader K. Knipfing ... pointing out the new make-us-feel-badly-about-our-bodies ad on the northeast corner of First Street and First Avenue...

NYC the Blog has been all over this too... even corresponding with the company:

Perry Abbenante, Vice President of Marketing at Snack Factory LLC, maker of Pretzel Crisps, responded to an email request for comment shortly after, explaining that they have been monitoring the situation, and will be "making some adjustments to the campaign."

And now!

He just followed up, and informed NYC The Blog: "Based on the feedback received from you and other bloggers, we will be taking the ‘You can never be too thin’ ads down."

The company has also apologized.


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Great headline!

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